Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The kids and their art

Dalton has been taking art lessons from a fabulous children's art teacher named Fahimeh Amiri for about a year now.  Fahimeh is from Iran.  She is a published children's book illustrator.  She studied art back in Boston with the MFA there, and has such a gift for teaching kids.  Every Friday afternoon the children sit around a table in her home studio with a picture in front of them, and she walks around the table, while music plays in the background, and teaches them how to paint.  In December Dalton had his work shown on display at the Salt Lake Main Library.  Here Shelby is posing with Dalton and one of his pieces.

Here is Dalton and his teacher Fahimeh.  She is like a second Grandmother to the kids.

Dalton and Shelby were in awe of this piece that was created by one of Fahimeh's teenage students.  It was at this point that Shelby decided that she wanted to begin taking art lessons.  It's now her favorite after school activity.
A close up of Dalton's panda.  One of our friends joked that it looked like he was eating fries.

The kids have their Grandpa Eddington's artistic genes and love of art.  It makes me happy because I love art.  Even though I never pursued art, I love to create.  I appreciate the work of many artists.  I see art in architecture, fashion, music, nature, photography, jewelry, film, sculpture, cooking, and so many other areas.  There is art all around us.  I think that it is such a beautiful tool of expression and it makes me grateful to think that my kids are learning to express themselves in artistic ways.


Danielle Hatch said...

I love that your kids are taking art lessons. I've been meaning to email and let you know that your writing is also currently part of an art exhibit since I've used the source code from all the blogs that I link to as part of a projection in my show. I meant to email everyone a heads up beforehand but I figured the code is pretty hard to decipher so there's really no way to connect the code to any specific person. Anywho here's a link for more info if you're interested. http://www.inlander.com/spokane/article-17369-the-mother-load.html
We should be coming down to Utah in March so we'll have to get together for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Wow - great painting, Dalton! I'm really impressed.