Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas Eve in Sayulita

On Christmas Eve we took our friends up on their generous offer to come and visit them in their town of Sayulita, Mexico.  It was about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.  Briettney was so sweet to drive to our resort and pick us all up.  When we got to her town, it was like stepping back in time.  And when we got to her house, it was like stepping in to some bohemian paradise.  
 Above is her cute daughter's bedroom, with one of Briettney's amazing paintings on the right hand wall.
 Dalton found the perfect place to relax..the hammock in the middle of the outdoor living room.
 Garrett chills on the floor of their office, with their good ol dog.  This might have been my favorite room in the house...maybe.
 This is another shot of their office.  The energy in the house was so warm and inviting.
 This is the reading area in their daughter's room.  Who wouldn't want a sweet colorful nook like this?  The giant glass doors that opened on to the courtyard were fabulous..making every room sunny and warm.
 The master suite was super hip.  Behind the glass block window there was an outdoor shower with a pebble floor.  
 We ate and drank and visited.
 Their kitchen opened up to their outdoor living space with Briettney's sculptures and outdoor art surrounding us.

 Their little pool with a waterfall and tons of plants surrounding it.

 Briettney, the spirited one, and I, ready to head to the beach.
 Outside their darling hacienda is a dirt street and neighbors with chickens running around their yard.  The beach is just minutes away by foot, with the town right outside their door.
 We drove, Sayulita style, with the back door open, drinks in hand, and bogey boards on board.
And here we are at the beach. 
 Shelby chills on the beach...building sand castles with Briettney's daughter.
 We bought empanadas and macaroons and brownies, and shawls, and fake ray bans, and fresh papaya and lots of other treasures on the beach from many wonderful people.

 Shelby and her little buddy searched and for and found lots of treasures on the beach.
 Briettney's daughter was Shelby's little side kick, and Shelby loved it.  
 We ate fish tacos, homemade pizza, and fresh fish ceviche on the beach, from the great little restaurant just behind us, who brought us all the food and drinks throughout the day and kept us full and happy.

 Dalton had a lot of fun trying to master the skim (is that what they call it?) board.  After, he rented a surf board and road some waves.

 Gavin helped Garrett to bogey board and catch some little waves of his own.
 The sun was perfectly warm, the beach had great waves both big and small.  The sky was blue.  The people on the beach were eclectic, from all over the world.  
 The girls played ball on the beach.
After a day at the beach, Briettney took me for a ride around the town before we went to the market to grab some things for dinner.  The town was darling...she knew practically everyone there and seemed to be their BFF.  There are hills around the town with big amazing houses.  She showed me the lots from up on the hills, where you can see the ocean all around you...breathtaking.

 Garrett gets in on their family photo.
 And here is Briettney, Brian and their darling daughter- full of life and fun.  We had an amazing dinner together in their sweet home.  Brian grilled amazing meat.  Briettney made killer guac.  Gavin mixed up some great drinks.  We ate with the music behind us, and the kids watched movies in the office with their dinners.  
 After dinner we went in to town and lit our Christmas Eve sparklers (the Mexican HUGE variety) along the way.

 Garrett was in heaven.  I remarked that I could see the stars.  With all the inversion we'd had in Utah, I couldn't remember honestly, the last time I had seen stars.  It was beautiful.
 It was 10:00 PM but people were out, some shops were open.  There was life and music.
After a few minutes in town, we caught a cab to take us back to our resort in Puerto Vallarta.  Thank you Brian and Briettney for your generosity and hospitality.  Next time we are renting a house close by and staying for a while.  We can see why you love your charming town, and they are lucky to have you.  Love to you!!  Best Christmas Eve EVER.

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