Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Mexico trip part 1

For Christmas this year we decided to skip some of the pre-holiday hulabaloo and escape down south to some sun and relaxation.  We'd been to Puerto Vallarta before, and really enjoyed it.  It's just a three hour direct flight, and the beaches are wonderful.  So, when the kids were out of school for the holiday break we boarded a plane and went from cold temps and hazy inversion to blue skies and sandy beaches.

The first thing that the kids wanted to do was go down to the beach.  It was late in the afternoon, but it was still sunny and warm.  Lucky for the kiddos, they got in on the resort's last day of releasing baby turtles back in to the ocean.  I know, only in Mexico for five minutes, and Shelby had just had the best experience of her life.

Here they are taught what to do when releasing the baby turtles.
And their off.  Shelby's got a little confused, turned around, and Shelby had to pick it up and reset it in the right direction.  So much for Darwin's survival of the fittest.

Shelby was having some regrets about releasing the turtle instead of pocketing it when no one was looking.
Her little guy made it safe in to the ocean...bittersweet. 

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