Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas morning

Even though I told the kids that they would not be getting any gifts in Mexico, since we had already celebrated an early Christmas back in Salt Lake, I cheated and packed their stockings filled with a few small things.  Dalton and Shelby each got a video game, some treats and stickers.  Garrett got some squishy cars and trucks with treats and stickers too. 
 This is exactly the type of Christmas morning that I wanted.  This is why we went to Mexico at the time of year we did.  Low key=hooray.  

 They got a few little things from our trip.  Gavin bought a Mexican soccer jersey for Dalton.  And Shelby got a colorful scarf from the beaches of Sayulita.
 It was our last day in Mexico, so every moment was precious.  This is one of the clay figures that Shelby made on our day trip to Las Caletas.  Garrett thought that this one was made of chocolate and took a big bite.  Yummy Christmas breakfast.

 After a breakfast outdoors looking out at the ocean, with our new BFF's, Felicia and Kaylen, of chocolate chip pancakes, ham and fruit (for the kiddos) we went to the pool for one last day of sunshine and swimming for 2011.
 Garrett had all of his Transformer stickers covering his body, so that he could become a Transformer (DUH).  At night sometimes he asks me to tell him a story, and by that he means a Transformer story.  And I must admit that I am very good at this.  Because I make the sound of him transforming from a human in to a cement truck, or jeep, or tank, or whatever is his favorite vehicle of the day.  And we talk about how wheels pop out of his body and armor comes out and covers his body, and he gets missiles that shoot.  I tell him about the adventures that he goes on with his Transformer friends or family members, and I don't forget to sing the Transformer theme song, which I know by heart for some weird reason.
 Shelby, meantime, got her Christmas wish, of getting her hair braided by Felicia.  Lucky girl.  She usually moans like a dying water buffalo when I simply brush her hair, but for Felicia who brushed, and braided, and pulled, she sat like an obedient nonliving doll.
 Sweet, darling, fun Felicia- so glad we got to meet her and her cute daughter.  They made the trip so fun for Shelby and I.

 Here is the final product- so pretty.

 I took Shelby over to the bathroom so that she could check out the gorgeous work in the mirror, and we asked some darling gay couple to take our picture so that we could remember this BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.
 You don't see Dalton in any of these pics because he was soaking it in on his last day.  Swimming, bogey boarding in the ocean, ordering his 9th Miami Vice or Banana Loco drink.  But the rest of us took a final picture.
I'll be honest that this trip wasn't quite as romantic as Gavin and I had imagined.  And that was 100% because of our three year old, who for some reason had no desire to have a slumber party in his siblings hotel room, but needed to sleep in the adjoining room of his parents or he would keep his siblings up until the wee hours of the morning teasing them, talking, or wiggling around.  We finally gave up almost every night and let him in our bed.  Oh well, not exactly a honeymoon trip, but other than that the trip was perfect.  I'm not saying that there wasn't any fooling around...just not the day and night type action I am sure Gavin was hoping that the second purchased hotel room would justify.  Next year hopefully Garrett will be more excited about a sibling sleepover.  
 Felicia and I with our tricked out drinks.  Sun, blue skies, kids laughing and playing.  I never want to be any less happy on a Christmas Day ever again.

 Garrett felt such freedom on this trip.  This time around he had a swim vest.  By the last day he could swim on his own, with us watching from our beach chairs, happy as a clam to be free of his parents arms, and follow his big brother and sister in their water adventures.

 Shelby and Felicia were little fish.  They dove for little toys in the pool, and hopped from the jacuzzi in to the pool (over and over and over) and played tag in the pool with their friend Jamie, whom they'd met.

 Was it a nine day or a ten day trip?  I can't remember.  It's all a sunny, low key, happy blur.  Reading my kindle by the pool, visiting the Marina and the downtown in the evening, movies in our rooms at night with room service, walking on the beach, feeling the sun my skin, ordering fish tacos every day by the was heaven.  And it wasn't just me- the kids were so happy.  As was Gavin.  It's such a joy to be surrounded by those you love, where everyone is fulfilled and healthy.  If I could have stopped time it would have been on this day.
Merry Christmas.

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