Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Piggies

Shelby and I went for pedicures at the resort's spa.  This is now an annual Christmas tradition for me and her when we are in Puerto Vallarta.  While the boys swam we got to soak our feet in bubbles and sit in the massage chairs.

They gave us neck wraps and leg massages.
Sis, I must tell you, I love you.  I know that some Moms want their kids to be babies forever, but I am truly overjoyed that you are getting older. With each day you are more interesting, more fun, and more kind.  I love having you for my best friend.  Of course, I can't tell you that, because you would say that's ridiculous, because you already have a best friend, and if I am really your best friend how come I make you do your chores and your homework?  So, I keep it a secret from you, but inside I smile, and am happy to be just your loving Mom for now, hoping that if I do it right, eventually you'll want me for your best friend too.

Shelby thought about getting every one of her toes a different color, or asking for polk-a-dots.  But instead went with bright orange.  I went with Christmas green.
Thanks Gav, for giving us this special treat together.  Below are our twin toes- the big and little version of the same little piggies.

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