Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some more photos from our summer trip to Arizona

These are some more pictures from our end of June trip down to Pinetop, Arizona.  Shelby and Ellison could not get enough of baby Savannah.  She was like a little rag doll in their hands.  I tried to supervise Shelby holding her, just so I didn't have to have the guilt of, "sorry my kid broke your baby" on my shoulders.  I know that kids are tough, but this baby was tiny, and perfect and I kind of wanted to keep it that way.  Shelby was in heaven.  She asked me if we could trade Garrett.  I don't think that would go over well with Aunt Susan.
It was Gavin's 40th birthday while we were down there.  I know, the guy ages in's crazy.  I made the family fave- a Texas chocolate sheet cake.  Thankfully they only put nuts on half of it.  It is sooo good.  The kids all crowded around like flies waiting to descend on the desert.  Look at cute Natalie eyeing it. :)
So, not the over-the-top, stripper-jumps-out-of-a-cake, you have a mid-life-crisis-and -get-a-Camero-or-a-25-year-old-girlfriend type 40th birthday party...but thankfully Gavin is not in to any of those things, so this was just fine.  Plus, we are going to NY together in September so we'll have lots of fancy times then.  We'll be seeing his old mission companion in the new Broadway he's in, along with The Book Of Mormon, which just won a bunch of Tony's.
Yay, his wish came true...maybe?
Grandpa spent a couple minutes of quality time with Dalton, showing him how to swing the golf club.  This was right as the thunder was rumbling in the background, warning us to get inside and ditch the metal club. 
I kept this picture to remind myself why I should never go this light with my hair color again.  Never, never, never. 
Cousins Jeffery and Sam

Cute Karen and Gavin, playing a mean game of spoons...and when I say "mean", I mean "break-your -grandmother's-fingers-mean".  I think I about ripped one of Karen's nails off her finger.  Sorry Karen...but she did get the spoon in the end darn it!

It was a lot of fun, as it always is with this family.


Kati said...

SO SO SO SO jealous that you are going to New York AND you are going to see The Book of Mormon musical. I can't wait to hear all about it! Happy (belated) birthday Gavin...I didn't realize he was that old :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Kati! I'll let you know about the excited. And yes, I married an old man. ;)