Friday, August 19, 2011

Saturday is a special day

Time for bed.  I survived the past two days...hurrah!

Garrett is jazzed about the U of U's preschool.  His teacher is a past fellow classmate of mine who is darling.

Dalton is psyched about the Arts Academy.  He told me that "all the kids there wear tight jeans" so that he is going to love it.  Oh good, the sign of a great school. ;)  Truthfully, I'll have to share more about this school later and why I am SO excited about it.  The Principal is AMAZING and has such a vision for what education should be.  The downside is that Dalton doesn't have one class or even lunch with his best friend.  But I think that they will still have a blast.  They will carpool together everyday...and have before-school Spanish class...we'll see.  Hopefully these Siamese twins can handle a little separation.

Shelby, Dalton and I all went to Raging Waters today.  They had a blast.  I must admit that I was not sad when it was time to leave.  Amusement parks and I are not best friends.  In fact, I cross the street when I see her coming.  But the kids...oh, as many nauseating, steep rides as they could cram in to the afternoon.  It was nice and hot and sunny.  It was kind of the perfect last summer blast before school starts on Monday.

Although for Sis, school doesn't start until Wednesday....which she likes to remind Dalton case he forgot that his sister gets two more days of summer than he does.  She got to find out who her teacher was today.  It's a teacher that's been there forever and seems really nice.  So Shelby is excited.  The downside is that most of her friends are not going to be in her class...but she can make new friends easily.  There is a kind of drama queen who Shelby knows from last year, who will be with her in her class...but Shelby has assured me that she would "kill herself before she was hanging out with her this year" (who is the drama queen now?).

Then it was over to Fairmont Park for a Get To Know You Arts Academy Picnic.  The families all ate hot dogs and sides, and then the kids took over a giant area of the park with a touch football game.  It was pretty sweet.  Although, after Raging Waters I was so beat I could have laid down in the grass and slept.

Dalton is coming down with a cough...let's hope it goes away for school.  The kids got their hair cut this morning.  Shelby allowed Jenny to trim approximately 1/18 of an inch of the bottom of her hair, which she intends to grow until she can wrap her entire body in it.  Dalton got a new cut too so now he can see out of his eyes.

OK, Saturday tomorrow.  I will be sleeping in(ish).  Off to buy school books (for me), a commuter bike (for me), school shoes for Dalton, groceries for school lunches, and check off the other items on the to-do list before school starts on Monday.  We're getting excited!

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