Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My name is Ashley and I have a problem

That is the first step..isn't it?  Admitting that I have a problem?

I am stressed out just thinking about my fall schedule.

Dalton starts at a new school...which means that he now has carpools instead of just walking to and from school.

AND we are having him do before-school Spanish classes...cause why not make the mornings even more crazy by having to be somewhere by 7:55 AM instead of 8:35 AM?

and BOTH Garrett and I have to be at the U of U bright and early on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The problem is logistics.  If I could teleport us all, life would be grand.  But there is the fact that getting a toddler out the door in the morning is about as easy as getting lotion applied to your own back.

Here I am thinking that I won't have to buy a parking pass, because I'll ride my bike with the carriage on the back.  It will be so nice...until it snows...and Garrett is freezing to death in the back.  I DON'T want to have to deal with parking, and my kid at the U.  Parking SUCKS.  I can walk through BFE to get to my car...but with a three year old- yikes.

OK, just turned on the Daily blood pressure just went down by 20 points.

Shelby should be great this year.  She damned well better be after the Hell I went through with her Kindergarten experience last year.  If she gets the ONE new first grade teacher, and not one of the three that have been there for a combined 70 years, I will FUHLIP out.  I can not worry about her education this year.

That show with Anne Hathaway that looks like it is supposed to be super romantic makes me want to dry hurl every time I see an add for it.  I wonder if it would be as painful if the TV were muted so I didn't have to hear her fake British accent.

Garrett will be great.  Dalton will be great.  To be's me that I worry about...for once.  Stats...and some crazy-hard diversity class.  Can I hack it?  My sister told me that she got an A in stats, so I guess it is possible.  I hate going back to school after having taken a few semesters off.  I feel intimidated all over I am going to forget how to get around on campus...where to to raise my hand when I want to answer a question.

Worst case scenario I can drop a class...although I hate to do that.  It feels like at this rate I'll be 105 by the time I get done with school.  It doesn't help that I change my mind about what I want to do every sixty seconds.

Then there's the eight volunteer jobs I'll be doing: Community Council Co-Chair that requires two meetings a month.  School Community Council Co-Chair that requires a monthly meeting, and writing of an agenda...and working with "interesting" personalities.  USMILE Service Committee Secretary that requires monthly meeting, activity planning, and sending of emails.  Art Night Committee chair that sucks all the life out of my soul in the spring.  And now this year I am in charge of getting all the volunteers for every one of the Elementary school's activities for the year.  OK, that was I'll probably find three more just to be 100% insane.

On top of that I need to start volunteering out my eyeballs for my school program.  Not sure why they don't count all the junk I just listed...something about it "benefiting me".

I have decided that I need to start waking up crazy early.   I think that my body might think that it is dying for the first few days...maybe even weeks.  I was brought up to believe that sleep is like oxygen, and any chance you get you should stock up.  I am a napper, a fan of sleeping in, and a fan of going to bed early when I can.  But I won't die...I don't think.

Tomorrow- crazy day.  Registration and Open House days for two of us, at two different schools, at the exact same time.  Should be "exciting".

OK...remembering to breathe.


karen said...

girl--weren't you the one who was going to simplify her life a couple of years back and put out her own fires?

ditch the committees and focus on yourself, the fam, and your school so you don't go completely crazy! There is a season for all that stuff and it's not when you're in school with a three year old. Many years ahead for that stuff...

I'm totally proud of you for the school thing--seriously I STILL wake up with cold sweats from nightmares that I have overslept thru an exam or can't find a class or something--normal hellish school stuff. School still intimidate(s)(ed) the living stink out of me, too--so you are not alone on that one.

It will all work out, and if you need to drop a class (as I occasionally did--by just not showing up anymore--oops) then don't beat yourself up about it.

you are superwoman and I'm impressed by all you do--I'm just worried that you'll be adding AA meetings to your hectic schedule if you don't keep it managable, ya know? ;)

good luck you'll do fine in school and we're rooting for you over here in AZ!! xoxo

Ashley said...

Thanks Karen,

It sounds crazier than it is...but I am going to try to simplify. And thank goodness for Grandma Paula. She's kind of like the Good Fairy in this house, who delivers sanity and fun all in the same package.

Oh, and the fact that your brother is super-dad helps a lot too. I think that he is motivated to support me with the school thing because he sees how much I get from it. It really feeds me mentally and emotionally.

But moderation in all things, right. :)