Sunday, August 21, 2011

like nesting

You'd think I was nesting.

I had a bee in my bonnet today.  Lots of things to do before school starts in well...9 hours.

And as I was doing some important things, I would notice that the junk drawer was just junkier than I could handle, and well it absolutely needed to be cleaned out right that minute.

So lots of stuff got done today.  Some big...some not so big.  Dalton got a binder and tricked it out with duct tape.  He also got a lock for his new locker, so he is feeling pretty grown up.

Grandma Paula stopped by to pick up Shelby and her best friend to take them to her ranch so that they could spend the next two days in heaven, instead of in back-to-school hell because she doesn't start school till Wednesday.  They packed their overnight bags, turned on the DVD player with Scooby Doo playing, and were off to Subway with Grandma and then to go on a hike down in Elk Ridge.  A nice way to end summer.

Dalton got one last sleepover last night.  I swore that the week before school started I was going to be tough...8 PM bedtimes, getting up early...and then I caved.  Dalton's best buddy from Boston is only here for a few more days, and this would be the last time they could have a sleepover for oh, I don't know...maybe six months till we come to visit them in I gave in and offered it.

Then I told them they had to be to bed by 10, which ended up being midnight.  So today we are all bleary eyed...hopefully it was worth it.

Got the kids carpool situation figured I don't have to have a panic attack while I am sitting in classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, that my daughter is stranded at the school (which wouldn't kill her since it's two blocks from her house) or my son doesn't have a ride home from his school (which would never happen since he is there with his best friend, and he has a cell phone) but YOU NEVER KNOW. So now it's all solid.

OK, off to bed.  Reading Class Warfare.  It is about the American education system..and it is kind of blowing my mind.  I did affirmations with Dalton tonight before bed.  "I am smart."  "I am kind."  "I am a good friend."  "My teachers will love having me in their class."  He felt big to me tonight as we did this.  Him standing on a stool in front of me looking in to the bathroom mirror.  His youth is like sand slipping in between my fingers.  I am grasping for it, but he'll never know.  I cling to our time together as we read Harry Potter, or talk about his art projects.  Sometimes I feel like he is my clone.

OK, shutting the computer off.  Time to close my eyes.  Good luck to my family tomorrow morning.  :)

Life is good.

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