Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garrett's new truck bed

So, I needed to do a bunch of stuff today.

And on the way to do some of that shtuff I drove by a garage sale and saw a car bed for sale.

I bought it.

It was $30.00...later we figured out that it was missing four screws and the three 2x4's that hold the twin mattress in place (which we do not own) so maybe not the STEALING deal I thought it was... but I am still jazzed.

I had bought a truck bed for Garrett a few months ago...which turned out to be a total bust...unless you're looking at my add for it right now on KSL classifieds...and in that case...IT ROCKS!  No, the reality was, it was too small (the truck bed worked with our crib mattress), it was too low to the floor, and it didn't have a rail that went all the way around it, so Garrett the acrobat would end up sliding out on to the floor and sleeping there half way through the night.  Oh, and it was it was hard.  Garrett would bonk his head or leg on the sides, and it hurt.

A bonus was that all the money that was made from the yard sale was going to help the people of Somalia.

And so, some of my errands did not get done because I needed to bring it home and make Dalton and his buddies put it together (luckily I made it seem cool to get to work with Dad's tools and it was plastic, so it was pretty easy.)  Now we just need the bolts and 2x4's...oh, and the mattress.

But then I look at the room, and it is lame.  It used to be this darling jungle room, where there was a zebra rug, and a funky capiz chandelier, and a twig table with an owl lamp, and animal prints on the wall, and a retro deer antler cuckoo clock, and an elephant rattan toy basket and jungle bedding.  But then Garrett got "big" in his words and became obsessed with all things wheels and I realized that the days of the cute jungle room were over.

I had committed to the new theme of "all things wheels" with the bed, but I never got around to bringing all the rest of the elements together.  So we had a jungle with a tiny truck parked in it...lame.

And today I wanted all the jungle out.  I wanted his bedroom done.  Problem was that I didn't take in to consideration the fact that Garrett's room is the size of most people's closet.  In fact I think that originally it might have been the closet to the old master bedroom, which is now Shelby's room.  So, with a crib in there it was OK.  With a giant red plastic twin bed it gives Garrett about a foot of space to walk in.  But I am he'll be fine.  He only sleeps in his room anyways.  Our entire basement is toy land.

All the furniture came out, including the zebra rug.  The dresser and bookshelf got moved.  The car was assembled.  And now it looks very...stark.  Nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor.  It needs some TLC.  Tomorrow we'll order the mattress.  I'll get some truck posters for the walls.  I'll see if we can trade the capiz chandelier out.  Wonder where I get those Flor carpet tiles from.  Eventually...fingers crossed...he'll have a bigger room...when we do our remodel.  Until then...Garrett has a room with a giant car bed.

Tonight we stuck his old crib mattress with a million pillows and blankets in to the car bed frame so he could sleep in the bed.  He was pretty stoked.

And now tomorrow... back to my to-do list...including scrubbing the toilets and tubs-UGH.

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