Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank you note to the mosquito that bit my heel

Thank you mosquito, for biting my heel, (or I guess I should say sucking my heel),
 It was very considerate of you to bite me in that place that is almost impossible to reach unless I sit down, bring my foot practically up to my head, and then scratch it.

Or I could bend over and touch my toes and do it.  Regardless, it was very considerate of you.  Cause why bite someone where it's easy to reach...a spot, say like the arm, or the stomach...where I could just reach down at any moment and scratch if I pleased.

No, this is nice because I can't itch casually.  I have to make a very deliberate effort to itch.  Thank you for making it at the exact place where the heel of my shoe touches the skin too, because that has been an added bonus of having that chafing feeling against the bite at all times...kind of like nails on the chalk board.

Thank you mosquito.  I hope that the blood that you drank of mine was very satisfying.  Next time just ask and I'll invite you to a giant vein right on the front of my leg.


Itchy and Scratchy

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