Thursday, August 04, 2011

bad habit

I am currently in the bad habit of staying up too late.  I have been able to get away with it for a while because it's summer, and I can drop Shelby off at Red Butte Camp in the morning in a sweat suit and pretend that "I'm just on my way to the gym".

But that's all about to change.  School starts in less than 20 days...OMG, just saying that about gives me heart palpitations.  And when I say school, I mean school for all of us.  We all will need to be in our seats by 8:30 AM.  Thankfully for me, it's just Mondays and Wednesdays, but still- it's going to be rough if we are not bright eyed and bushy tailed.

It's just so tempting.  The house is finally quiet.  I can turn on my Tivo'd back episodes of The Daily Show, Colbert Report, various home make over shows and just VEG.  Gavin grabs a bag of chips.  I may have a treat.  We curl up on the couch and let our brains turn to mush.  It's hard to give that up...

What happens is that once Garrett goes down for his nap, I end up passing out myself.  Which allows me to function for the second half of the day...but come night time, I am not ready to fall asleep because of my power nap...and so the cycle continues.  I am not napping today...I can barely keep my eyes open.  But I am going to begin tonight with going to bed by 10:00 PM (sad) to see if I can get myself in to a good schedule.

I have to potty train Garrett before the summer's, fun.


Danielle Hatch said...

I also have an end of summer deadline for potty training Mac and alas it seems to be the last thing in the world he's interested in at the moment. What's with these preschools and their lack of desire to wipe my child's rear end. Good luck with Garrett, I'm hoping that subsequent children will be easier to train since there will be a little more peer pressure around the house.

Morgan Moore said...

I am the worst at staying up too late. Um I'm typing this at 1:22 a.m.! Must go to bed. I always regret it in the morning. It's just so nice to have the house quiet at the end of a very long (and usually very loud) day!

miss you!

Ashley said...

Danielle, who wants to commit to being stuck in the house for three days in a row for potty training, so my kid can be close to the toilet, when the weather is finally so beautiful? Not that this is what you have to do to potty's just what has worked for us. I am fine with washing my own rug, but don't really feel like dealing with the guilt of my kid crapping on someone else's rug. However,I want to be outside playing right now.

Morgan, last night I was so proud of bed by 11:00 PM. Yet, I don't know that I fell asleep until after midnight. It may have something to do with the dark chocolate that I ate right before I went to bed. ;) I need to figure out how to do this! I agree with you- the peace and quiet is far too tempting. Miss you too!