Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our summer weekend

This weekend...what did we do?  Today we went to Murray pool.  We met our friends there.  The weather was perfect.  It was 90 degrees and sunny.  The girls got along great, which was nice because they hadn't played together a ton in the past.  The boys, not so much.  I think that the friend's boy is at an age where he's not in the mood to make an effort.  Dalton wasn't much better.

I had on a new suit, which as Shelby says, "Is a little small for your bum."  Gavin says he likes it that way. I swear I've gained weight since I tried it on at the store.  I guess that's not the worst thing- a little junk in your trunk.  As long as it's not an entire garage sale going on back there.

I love this friend that I met up with.  We don't hang out on our own for whatever is busy, we don't make it happen.  But when I am with her she is lovely, and I wish that we hung out together more.

After the pool we came back to Gavin and Garrett, who had filled up a half a bucket of water balloons and greeted us by having Garrett throw them at us.  I don't think many popped so that was OK.  They had just watched the USA women's soccer team play Japan in the World Cup.  I am sad I missed that.

We hung out on the porch.  Gavin ran to the store while we played on the front lawn.  He then came home and cooked dinner.  He barbecued a marinated flank steak, and we had corn on the cob and baked waffle fries with it.  Dalton said the best part of the day was the pool, Shelby said it was the worst part.  Drama.  I think it was to punish me for giving her a time out for the scratch marks that she had put all over Dalton's face from the pool that I was just now noticing.  I love that those two are playing together, but she needs to learn that she can't play so rough with him.

White chocolate and raspberry ice cream for desert, oh and a buttermilk nugget (way better than it sounds), and a peanut butter chip granola bar for me.  What is my problem?!  I think that I need to go to AA for sugar addicts.  Do I ever want my tiny swim suit bottom to seem less tiny?

Last night we went to a Blaze football game.  It's arena football, which sounds cheesy, and it is truly the last thing on earth I would normally ever be doing.  But my sister is dating one of their players, so we had free tickets.  Gavin and I took Dalton and his buddy.  We got a sitter for the two little kids.

The game was actually fun.  I told Gavin on the way out that I thought we should get season tickets for the following year.  Although, the seats that we had were fantastic, so I don't know if I'd like it quite as well if we were not three rows up from the field.  It makes it fun to know someone in the game too.  Dalton was wearing my sister's boyfriend's jersey that he'd signed at the last game.

My brother, sister, Mom, Dan, and Kristen's friends were there too.  Who knew we were a football family?  We certainly converted quickly.  We were screaming and cheering and standing and clapping like we were the biggest red neck, life long fans on the planet.  It was fun.  Although let me tell you about game food- jalapeno beer should not have been invented.  The nachos they serve at that place make your eyes water the "cheese" is so stinky.  And I am convinced that milk duds are deadly and conspire to gang up on you once they are in your stomach, to connect in to one large giant ball of sticky caramel goo that takes your body the next twelve months to digest.

The game was a nail biter.  They won with eight seconds to go.  We got home and the sitter said that Garrett had gotten bit by a mosquito and complained of his back hurting.  Her stupid phone had been dead.  I wish that she would have called me.  I would have had her put some ointment on it.  He woke up the next morning and I saw that this mosquito bite was actually a bee sting.  The poor kid.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty mellow...which is nice in the summer.  Gavin was home from Boston.  The kids love that and so do I.  He is super eager to play with the kids because he's missed them so much.  He's happy to cook and do the laundry, and be even more wonderful than he normally is.  Not to gush.  I mean he can be stubborn as a mule, and dumb as an ox and drive my batty.  But there are times when he is amazing.  Pinch myself amazing.

Time to read Harry Potter with the big kids.  We are starting on book one together.  I am secretly really excited.

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