Monday, July 18, 2011

We can't wait to see these guys!

In a couple of days we will be in sunny (we hope) San Diego with our cousins. There will be scooters to ride, surf camps to attend, sweltering hot beach cabins to sleep in, great homemade (hopefully) food to be eaten each night, board games to be played, ice cream to be eaten (and stolen by piggy relatives), sand to be washed out of swimsuits by the truckload, and trees to (illegally) climb.

I thought about potty training Garrett before the beach. Zero diapers at the beach sounds heavenly. But, that never made it to the top of the bucket list so it's one last (hopefully) beach trip with diapers.

My hope is ZERO jelly fish, a flat stomach, sunshine every day and 90 degrees, a three year old that does not wander away from me at the beach, great reads, good company, zero drama, and wonderful memories.

See you at the beach!

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