Saturday, July 16, 2011

David Gray is British so he's hot

Not really.  When I think British, I don't necessarily think hot.  To be honest I think pasty white with bad teeth.  But then there's Sienna Miller and the guy from Cold Play and lots of beautiful people.  I bet when they think American they think obese with a spray tan and fake boobs.  Touche.

So, I have always liked David Gray.  I guess he's kind of obscure.  But I love his voice.  My friends and I went to Aristo's the show on Thursday.  I don't know what it is about Greek food.  It was delicious. Pita bread with spicy lamb and beef and chicken with garlic hummus and feta cheese with red peppers and lots of olive oil.

beforeIt was super satisfying.  I don't know...I could have Greek once a year, maybe twice, and that would be enough for me.  The flavors are beautiful...the mint, the's just not my first choice.  The two friends that I was with are was a treat to be with them.  So from Aristo's we walk over to Kingsbury Hall.  It was a gorgeous night.  Picture perfect...not too hot, not too cold.  Lots of people out and about.  It makes me feel alive.

We found our seats and the show started.  From the balcony where we were seated, my first thought was "That is a nice suit."  The guy dresses WELL.  He wears a suit very well.  As he begins to perform my next thought is, "He has a great voice."  And from there the best of all- "This guy has a great personality."

He is genuinely funny.  Forgetting which song he was about to sing and laughing about it.  Having a hard time getting his guitar tuned and joking about that.  To be honest he could be describing his bowel movements and with that British accent I still would have been hanging on his every word.  My friends and I kind of all wanted to screw him.  Is that bad to say?  I don't think so.  I would tell Gavin that.  Gavin would probably want to screw him too...he was THAT lovely.

Every one of his songs were fantastic.  I only knew half of them, but they were all great.  The stage was set up with intimate lighting and through out the show he was talking to the it felt like we were BFF's.  He had a standing ovation and came out for an encore.  There were some seriously horny ladies in the screaming out "You sexy beast!"  I was thinking the same thing but kudos to her for having the guts (or being drunk enough not to know better).

My friends and I wondered how he'd be in bed.  We thought he'd be great.  So passionate.  Look at how he works the piano and the guitar with those hands...oh yes, he'd be great.  Of course we had to google him to see if he was married...damn it, he is.  Of course so are two of the three of us...but he could be our one freebie.  No, he was for our single friend.  She could be his American groupie.

Unfortunately she was not feeling too keen on stalking him after the show.  We should have brought something chocolate with us...that would have been the perfect ending.  Still, it was pretty sweet.

On a side note, the guy that plays the bass was distracting.  It was almost as if he was having a romantic experience with his instrument.  Maybe that's a good thing.  I don't was bugging me.  Another thing is that it seems with musicians, like baseball players, it's best not to watch them live because they have some habits that almost make it look like they have turrets.

I remember the first time I saw a Red Sox game I could not concentrate on anything except the OCD behavior of every guy up to bat.  Undoing and doing up their gloves 12 times, kissing some necklace over and over.  Grabbing their balls a certain way every time.  It was disturbing.  But I guess to be talented you have to be borderline psycho.

And it was kind of the same with David Gray.  He shakes his leg when he plays guitar and moves his head when he sings in a way that he looks kind of like a bobble head doll.  Aside from his ticks, he was perfect.  And maybe his ticks make him that much cuter.  I mean, the singers that I know who don't look slightly weird when they sing are the Ricky Martin/Julio Englasias type, where they are TOO smooth, if you know what I mean.  Like they've sung in the mirror to themselves just a little too often and they've got their look so polished it's creepy.  No, I'll take the gap teeth, and ticks any day.

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