Monday, March 01, 2010

Cat checked out OK today at the vet. I have got to get a new vet. Seriously. Cookies and coffee in the waiting area. Flat screen TVs in every room. A play area for the kids. Fireplace. Hello...I am paying through the nose so that my cat thinks that she's at the Belagio Spa?..I don't think so! Then, there's the fact that I have to endure sitting through a shpeal about cat life insurance. I have to repeatedly say No, that I do not want my cat tested for cat HIV, or whatever other rare diseases she could have for the low, low price of way too much. Yes, good to know that she is dehydrated. No, I think that giving her fluid through an IV is not necessary. We will give her water when we get home, thanks.

Argh..much ado about nothing. But at least I feel better. She's perkier. She seems to be settling in more. Last night she was roaming around the house, checking everything out. Shelby still thinks that she has died and gone to heaven. It's worth it. She's only young once..and a kitten only has this kind of hold on a girl for a short time. This is so that when she's fourteen and she wants a nose ring, I can say, "But honey, remember, I got you that kitten." So we have two cats..Gavin will learn to live.

Wrote a paper for one of my classes yesterday. It turned out OK. I only spent ten hours more on it than I'd planned to. Have to read Catcher in the Rye tonight, for book group. Have not cracked it. Kids are in I go...time to connect with one of the most iconic books in history. Let's see what all the fuss is about.


karen said...

so there is the infamous GECKO. sounds like your kids are on cloud nine with the pets these days. Seriously Shelby looks exultant.

Anonymous said...




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