Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shelby wishes

Shelby and I are picking up the soccer balls for her team that I coach. I say "I love you. How did I get so lucky to have you for my daughter?" She is skipping along beside me. I ask her, "So, do you like your life?"

And she says, "No, not really."

"WHHAAT?" I ask..."Why not?"

"Well, I wish that I were Hanna (her best friend)."


"Because then I would have a chocolate brown lab Webkin....and I wish I had her face."


"Because I like her face better than mine."


"I don't know, I think her face is SOO beautiful. I think it's better than mine."

"Well it's Nooot," I said. "You guys are both pretty. But I think that you are wonderful. You have golden hair, and blue eyes and the biggest smile...and dimples. That is the best!"

"Yeah, well I wish I had her Mom."


"Cause she is never mean to me."

"Well I am hardly ever mean to you. Only when you are really naughty do you get in trouble. But most of the time I am super nice to you."

"Yeah, but I still want her."

"But if you had her, then you wouldn't have Grandma Paula, cause she is MY mom."

"That's OK."

By this time my heart has broken in to about a zillion little pieces. I am crushed. And then she says, "Well, I just really want a brown lab Webkin." And then I tell her that she can probably get one for her birthday. To which she says that in that case, she likes her life.

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