Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Summer Day

This day is not much different than the rest.
Garrett managed to get up on to the table and snag himself an entire can of black beans...Jackpot!
Mom managed to snag herself a treat some time during the day: Oreo ice-cream with Reece's Shell topping...h-ullo, guilty pleasure, how I love thee.

Shelby and Garrett spend some time playing in the bathroom...
...letting this little guy run up the walls.
We hang out on the patio for a bit...
...then Shelby puts on her new headphones!
She rocks out, while Garrett tags along...literally.
Our good friends come for a town from Denver...what a treat! Shelby loves this little friend for many reasons. One reason is that her Mom is one of Shelby's Mom's best friends...clear back from childhood. Another reason is this little girl's long locks. They cascade down her back, landing just above her rear. Shelby has never seen real hair so long. She is beside herself with awe/envy/adoration. One day day.
They play, while moms chat, and babies roam, and it is just a good day overall.


karen said...

oh my holy rennovations! I haven't seen your a)carport done, your b) patio with rockers, or c) your landscaping (those shrubs are new, right?) everything looks fabulosification.

Craig and Jessica Smith said...

I'm in love with your house! It is picture perfect! It looks like it's right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Maybe you could come and give me some tips sometime! We still need to get Dalton and Carter together!

Morgan said...

YOUR HOUSE IS ADORABLE!! I am in LOVE and gosh the kids are getting so big (and just as adorable!!)