Monday, August 10, 2009

Shelby is trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. As is Dalton...but we are not always the source that he goes to for answers. She has been hearing things from friends...and maybe from her brother. It's all so new for her. I love it.

The other day she asks me, "Mom, can brothers and sisters crush each other?"

What she means, of course, is Can they have a crush on each other?

I paused (as I always do when she asks me one of her tricky questions) and slowly answered, "Well, yes, I guess they can."

I mean, I am sure that in some society it's legal and perfectly acceptable. And to me, I know that she is wondering if she can "crush" Dalton, because she loves him so much. (all of her friends are currently "crushing" him right now, much to his chagrin).

But I love that she loves him so much. And I know how she feels, because I too have a crush on him...can you blame me?

So, I am pretty sure that her feelings will change as she grows older. Her older brother may not appear quite the handsome prince that he does now when she's in High School.

And so, while it lasts, I am going to be perfectly happy with my kids "crushing" all over each other.

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