Thursday, July 09, 2009


My back hurts. Not enough that I am worried...just enough that I am annoyed...mildly. It's always in the same place too.- down low...on both sides of my spine. But not really on the side of the spine, more like underneath it. They are knots that have existed since, oh, I don't know- the beginning of time. I guess I should take comfort in these knots- knowing that there are some certainties in life that never go away- death, taxes, and my low-back-knots. The good thing is that I can reach them. I can knead at them when I have a spare minute in the day. I jab my thumbs in to my back as hard as I can, and I get some relief. I think that the cause of my knots are either:
  1. A weak core (I really need to work on that) or...
  2. Picking up a big fat 25 pound baby...although these knots predated fatty by many it could be...
  3. The other two fatties, who I carried around for years...hmm?...or it could be
  4. bad posture
  5. bad shoes
  6. bad spine
  7. bad sleeping habits (I sleep on my stomach-always have- with my arms hugging my pillow). An old hair dresser of mine told me that you are never supposed to sleep with your arms above your head. But she never told me why, and I am pretty sure that she didn't have a dual degree in medicine...but you know, you listen when people act like they know what they are talking about.
  8. alien creatures that have invaded my body and have set up shop in some wicked knots in my back.

I really hope it's not number 8. It's not like I don't do anything about said knots. Poor Gavin is going to have arthritis in his thumbs from all the rubbing he's done in these two spots in my back. Did I mention that he bought a massage table for our last anniversary? (so cute of him)...I think that he is starting to think that I've either gone numb and lost all feeling in my back, or I'm a masochist, because of how hard I have him push on said Alien knot homes. I can't help it. The worse it hurts, the better it feels afterwards. So, I am not sure why I am rambling on about my two knots that exist in my lower back, but there you have it- something special about me. Just like some people have distinctive moles, or tattoos...I have knots. And I usually don't notice them until the end of the now...when I would like to go to bed. But they are calling out, saying "Hello, remember us?...the aliens who live in your back? We would like a little attention puh-lease!" So I off to go beg Gavin for another back rub. It's just part of my life...and it could be worse...for sure.

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