Friday, July 10, 2009

More random

My big kids are camping with Gavin and my parents at Payson Lakes. I was scheduled to go, but Garrett's teething got me a pass from the evening. I will head down tomorrow and join my brood in the woods. So, what did I do with only one child for the evening? I almost had my sitter come over. I imagined doing something really decadent like going to King's English for the evening and just reading the inside cover of every book on their shelves. But, we were out of milk, so instead- we went to the market. Even though that sounds mundane, it wasn't. I loaded the baby up in the Burley. Put his helmet on him, but of course, after a half of a block he had pried it off his head and chucked it at his feet. He was now sucking on his bottle, looking at the scenery, quite content without that damned life-saving device blocking his view, thank you very much! Why do I even try? We took the round-about way, which means we wind down every street imaginable at about, ohhh .00001 miles per hour, so I can look at all the houses, make a mental note of which ones I would want to live in, what I would do differently with the yards, make up stories about who must live in each, and so on. Then, as I was riding down a street, I saw my friend Regina. She had just bought this cool old white house. After talking with her for a bit, she offered to give me a tour of the inside. I wasn't about to pass that up. So, Garrett got out of his prison-on-wheels, so that we could see inside. This house sits back from the street, and from the street it doesn't look like much...except for that it is. I wish that I'd taken pictures! It was dripping with character. There was a large flagstone foyer when you entered, and all the walls of the house are panelled in this great old wood. Some are exposed brick. The floors are amazing old wood, with wooden nails. The main room has this amazing mantle, with a wall of sheer glass windows, overlooking Emigration Creek. There is a maze of wooden decks out back with a path down to the creek. It was seriously cool. After we left, I felt a little bad as I had told my cousin months ago not to check out that house because it was on a busy road, and it didn't look like much from the bad! We continued on in the general direction of the market. We passed a family with a Madsen bike. I am on the fence about those. They said that they loved it, but I am not so sure. I keep debating on whether or not to get one, or an Extracycle, or a tandem bike for sis with a front-facing child seat. Seriously, I have spent hours researching is driving Gavin nuts. We finally made it to the market. I found about three homes along the way that I thought that I could live in...I mean, if I had to. It's always fun- the idea of starting over with a house- fixing it up, decorating it, etc... But then I think about the memories that we have already created with this house, and the friends on the street that the kids love, and all the wonderful things that we LOVE about our house- and I think that the next renovations will just have to happen in make-believe-land. Pitty- because I do find it really fun. So, we go to the market. We get milk, and oh yeah, we only have one banana at home- so we get a bunch of those. And we get Gatorade, because I am parched. And that's it. I talk some of the neighborhood girls that I run in to, in to helping me out to the bike with it all. After we arrive home, we have a banana while we watch Tivoed shows on the couch. Garrett bumbles around the front room, in a sleepy stumble. I eat a half a carton of Ben and Jerry's with Paul Newman Oreo's crumbled inside. I give Garrett some teething tablets, and then put him to bed. I go through the Movies on Demand list and pick one that Gavin would NEVER want to watch with me. Then I sprawl out on the couch with my Cookie magazine and watch/ read at the same time. This is very decadent. No bed time routines, no baths, no doing the pile of dishes that are in the sink because it grosses Gavin out to leave dirty dishes in the sink over night...sorry, don't share that disgust. They can mold to high heaven over night for all I care. Nothing that the dishwasher can't get off tomorrow. I wonder what Dalton and Shelby did tonight. I am sure they had a lot of fun. Truth is that my night was not as fun as it would have been with them around. But it was a nice second place.

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