Friday, June 05, 2009

Garrett's First Birthday

Never tasted cake in his life, and now there is one with fire coming out of it that has been placed in front of him...oh happy day!

He's not sure what to do at first. The texture is confusing. Part milk and part cake. He plays with it for a while. And then he gets one taste...and he's sold!

He devours while his Aunt and Uncle laugh.

After a year of milk bottles, what could be better than a cake soaked with three different types of milk! A baby's dream come true...Mom's homemade tres leches.

Grandma Paula, the hostess, gets a picture with the messy birthday boy.

And his dad...who also gets to clean him up.

Afterwards the kids play outside, go down to the barn and see horses (Garrett tries to stick his fist in a horse's nostril) and they ride ATV's.

Daddy and Sis pose for a "crazy" picture,

and Shelby pokes around in the dirt for bugs, or rocks, or some other treasure.

Here's one of Dad and his big girl...

...while Garrett runs, and runs, and runs...

One busy year down, many many more wonderful years to go!

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Jared and Delia said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!