Saturday, June 06, 2009

I wasn't going to add any text to these photos. I want to be in bed before the boys get home from the Real game, seeing as I get to do morning duty with Garrett tomorrow so I want to take advantage of every wink of sleep I can get. But then I thought about Shelby and the boys. And thought about what they would say when they look at these pictures. I thought that they would probably wonder what was going on that day, and what I thought about this day, and why I chose to pick these photos to post. And so, I will share a few tidbits from this day. It wasn't today. It was a day a few weeks back. Dad was in bed...maybe reading a magazine, maybe waking up from a nap?? Don't remember. What I do remember is Shelby bounding on to the bed, Garrett and dad snuggling, Shelby getting "superman" rides from Dad, Garrett mad because he wanted in on that, Shelby making silly faces with me in the camera, Garrett having a hard little booger in his nose that I thought about picking out for a second and then decided that it wasn't worth ruining the moment over. So the booger waited, we bounced and laughed on the bed, and then we went on about our day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a snapshot of our lives...I love it.

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dan shaw said...

Great Pics keep them coming. We love sharing time and fun. LOve you guys