Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Program

Today Shelby had yet another program...this one at her school. Her Uncle David surprised her by coming with a few little treats in tow. I will post pictures tomorrow. Gavin, Garrett and I were also there to cheer her on. They sang all the crowd favorites like "Zippity Do Dah", complete with handkerchief props! She was a little embarrassed, but sang every song with gusto. Afterwards she got hugs from her cheering section and her new crayons and coloring book from Uncle Dave, along with a sack of plastic ponies (you can NEVER have too many plastic ponies!). She immediately plopped down on the floor and began to color. After all, it was a CAT coloring book, and you can not wait a second to begin coloring cats! What else??...Gavin did a Costco run. It always makes me feel very secure to have all that food in my kitchen. Especially all that produce. My plan is to start buying my produce locally, from the farmer's market. But that doesn't start for another week or two. So until then, we are buying in bulk and we have berries coming out our ears. There was a little school fundraiser at Rubio's tonight. Dalton went with his buddies. They had fun playing in the glen next to the restaurant. Dalton's hair is getting so shaggy, he can barely see through his bangs. But he insists he doesn't want a hair cut. All his friends are wearing theirs in the same long, shaggy style. It's on the list of things to do. Usually it's his grandma's hounding that gets it done. So we'll see. Shelby snuck away before dinner and rode her bike down to "the bunny house" for which she got in trouble and lost her desert. It's just SO tempting...these two cute little bunnies who belong to her friends, and who love her. Would I ever get the kids bunnies?? I don't know. Maybe we have the perfect situation- playing with the neighbor's and then giving them back. Had a waxing appointment tonight. I will not give you TMI here...because I could...and you would throw up...and then faint. But let's just say O-U-C-H, and it's next to labor in terms of gosh-awful-pain!! Luckily Michelle (the Goddess of waxers) is so nice that you can't hate her as she practically tears your flesh off your bones... Oy, the things we go through. So this weekend when the pool opens, I will be dimply and pale, but at least I will be SMOOTH, dimply and pale! Gosh, I have got to start hitting the gym...tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I got to talk with a girlfriend on my porch tonight. Afterwards I felt like I gave her a little too much advice. Why do I always do that?! Think that I know the solution to every problem in the world. I have always been this way. Note to self "If it's not your business, then leave it alone...If they don't ask, DON'T tell!" Argh, argh, argh. Garrett is to-die-for. Aside from not being able to sit still for one second unless I sell my soul to the dark side and pop in a "Wiggles" episode to allow myself five minutes to catch my is heaven. And the dark side doesn't look so bad with Anthony the Wiggle shaking his little hips while dressed as a cat singing about loosing his mittens. It's been eight years since I've seen these guys (Shelby was completely uninterested in them) and as annoying as it is to have their gosh-awful songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day, it really can be worth it. Luckily, that is my only complaint. Garrett is smiling when he wakes up, and his happy disposition continues for the rest of the day. He eats like a truck driver. He follows Shelby around like she is a magical unicorn that he wants to engulf. Luckily she enjoys this attention. He is just this bundle of happy goo that I want to nibble all day. The sleep thing is over...thank the Lord. He is taking two to three naps a day, for about two hours a piece. He goes to sleep about eight, with just a minute or two of tears, if that, and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. ready to take on the world. I could go on and on....but I am off to bed.

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Sara said...

I'm laughing...because I do that too. I feel like I can't talk to ANYONE without giving some form of advice. Then I kick myself afterwards...who made me "ms. Know-it-All!" I swear off advice giving and problem solving forever....than the PHONE RINGS! UGH! No way around it, this personality must be the reason I'm a first born....or because I'm a first born I'm this way? I don't know nuture v. nature.....whatever. I annoy myself....but you never annoy me with your advice and tid bits of knowledge.
p.s. my comments section is open still :)