Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take A Chill Pill

Remember that saying "Take a chill pill"? Right now I am contemplating doing just that. Really...the question is which one? Now adays there's a pill to perk you up if you're feeling blue, a pill to calm you down if you're feeling anxious, a pill to help you concentrate if you're feeling hyper, a pill that helps you fall asleep, a pill that turns you on...and on and on. But what if you want a little of everything? I mean, sometimes I feel blue. But it's usually when I haven't washed my hair for four days or Gavin and I have had a fight. Sometimes I feel anxious...that one happens more often than the blue feelings. That can come about if I am knee-deep in laundry, or comparing contractor's bids...or wanting to go to sleep with things left undone. I would love to be able to concentrate more...finish more and start less. Not sure if that one comes from lack of sleep, food, exercise...or all of the above. More sleep- yes. More sex and the desire for more sex- yes, yes. It ALL sounds wonderful. But, I guess I have to choose one. I mean, I can't very well go in to my Doctor's office with a list a mile long of all the drugs I would like to start experimenting with. Actually, I probably could. But I don't feel like ending up at Betty Ford, so I think I will look for something that covers the big issues. This is a big deal for me, seeing as I am a person who has always taken great pride in my ability to deal with pain without drugs. You want proof- delivering two children without an epidural. Even for little things I was a martyr. No Advil or Tylenol here. Never tried all the weight loss pills that were in vogue everywhere. I had faith in my body's ability to conquer anything. And truthfully- I still believe that. If I woke up at 5:00 a.m., ate natural/organic/good-for-you-food, ran a few miles a day, did strength training, took supplements, got eight hours of sleep each night, and did Yoga I would probably have no need for any drugs. But, that stuff is not happening right now. I am lucky if I can get the dishwasher loaded so that the kids have clean spoons for breakfast in the morning. And so I want to cheat. I want a fix of extra energy-concentration-sleep-sex-happiness...Who wouldn't want to swallow that pill? So, do I do it? And which is the one that I decide on? I rationalise this by saying it's just until the kids are in college and I have all of my free time to myself again. That's when I will get serious about exercise, sleep, etc....18 years isn't THAT long...right? So who knows if I'll ever do it- take a chill pill- but it sure sounds nice. Especially right now when I need to put out, then have a good night's sleep so that I can wake up happy and tackle the overwhelming task of organizing the garage, while I behave like a wonderful mother to my three kids.

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