Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today Gavin got his wisdom teeth taken out. Yuck. He brought two of them home, which the kids LOVED. They each want to take one to show-and-tell tomorrow. They are fighting over who gets to take the rotted one. Honestly...it is a cavity for the text books. Aside from gauze pads and making shakes for gauze-pad-wearing-husbands, here's what we did today:
  • I got to see Shelby perform in her "gymnastics program". She was too shy to do the floor routine and instead ran in to my arms and cried through it. She braved up when I told her we'd go out for ice-cream afterwards if she did the next two routines. She then did the beam with poise and grace, hopping off and running in to my cheering arms. Last was the bars and she did a great job at that too. Now, when I use words like "great job", it is code for "she didn't refuse to do it, or break down in tears" and when I use the word "routine" it is code for "she walked across the bar and didn't fall off"...too bad I forgot the camera. I know- bad mom. There were all the other Moms, and Grandparents, and Dads with their cameras AND camcorders, capturing every single solitary moment of this jaw-dropping, heart-pounding event, and there was me, and Mr.-Go-Go-Gadget, as Shelby's pitiful little cheering section. But really, it would have made no difference if I would have remembered the camera, seeing as I was craning my head to watch Shelby the entire time, as I chased Garrett all over every gym mat in the place. Cheer we did though, and she felt proud! I don't think that she noticed her lack of cheering section. Her dad had told her earlier that he couldn't go because of his "ripped out teeth". Truth was he was a drugged zombie who looked like he'd suffered a head trauma (the ice-pack was wrapped around the top of his head). He got to hear all about it when we got home.
  • Sis and I rode our bikes to Emigration Market, to buy the ingredients for our dinner. I LOVE THIS. I love riding behind Shelby and looking at her long legs dangle off the side of her little Dora bike that she already seems too big for. I love her helmet that she can now put on by herself. I love that when I pass her, she calls out "Mom, I AM THE CREAM!" which means "I ride IN FRONT OF YOU MOM! NOT YOU IN FRONT OF ME!" because usually Dalton or Gavin is with us, and so we say that we are an "OREO" and that Mom and Dad are the "Cookies" and the kids are "the cream filling" (for safety's sake). So, I am always the back cookie, and therefore- the cream rides a head. I love that she always makes a right toward the neighborhood gift store, with their penny candies, new toys, and their snow cone machine out front, instead of a left to the market. I love the butcher...I love his fresh porchini mushroom sausages...I love the homemade chicken tortilla soup in the deli case. Shelby really loves the chocolate cake donuts in the baker's case.
  • I made fajitas for dinner. It was a bust. Gavin can only eat mush. Dalton had eaten at a friend's house before his soccer practise. Shelby complained that she didn't like "the little green things on the chicken" and about had a heart attack when she bit in to an actual onion. Garrett spit out the tiny pieces of chicken I tried to feed him. And so it looks like I will be eating chicken fajitas for the next week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Gavin and I covered the new patio furniture with a tarp for the umpteenth time, because the sky was threatening to rain. We haven't oiled the furniture yet. So every time we sense a trickle, we have to run out and cover the furniture like it is the witch from the Wizard of Oz, and is going to melt if the rain so much as touches it. We then SWEAR that we are going to find out what kind of oil to buy TOMORROW and cover the dang thing so we never have to run out in the rain again!
  • Shelby shows off her new talent of whistling...a lot!
  • Dalton shoots hoops on the new basketball hoop that his dad spent four hours assembling yesterday. The thing looks like it belongs in the Energy Solutions Arena. He does this while Garrett swings in his baby swing, enthralled.
  • I continue to sort through the stuff that didn't sell at our weekend Yard Sale...wondering if I have any energy left to KSL it, or if it all just goes to Big Brother/ Big Sister. I swat at a bee (but not the good, honey-producing kind, rather the wasp-yellow-jacketish, alive for no-good-reason, but to sting you and NOT die, or ruin your BBQ and swarm your head kind) and wonder where they are going to make their giant volleyball size paper wasp nest this year. Blood pressure rises as I wish for their immediate extinction from the planet.
  • Talk with my dad on the phone who says that he is coming up for a few days to stay with us, which means he will help us stain the fence and pergola, paint the garage door, build Gavin a workbench, play a lot of tennis with Dalton, go on bike rides with the kids, hold Garrett A LOT, say that Garrett is the most perfect baby that he's ever seen A LOT, pay for dinner once or twice, want to chat about all that is evil in politics, the world, etc... and have the worst night's sleep he's had in a while on Dalton's bed, while Dalton has a "sleep-over" in Shelby's room.
  • Helped Dalton clean his room, and hung his new art on his wall. He drifted off to sleep whilst lovingly admiring his LEGO creations all perfectly repositioned on his built-in shelves.
  • Watched "The Colbert Report" and got warm fuzzies while I watch Stephen Colbert be one of the funniest people on TV. What is it about humor that makes men a million times more attractive? It's always fun to end the night with a good laugh.
  • Lastly, I Read a few blogs and got re-annoyed that people have disabled their comments section. What's the deal!? So what if all the comments aren't "kosher"? That's what makes it fun...Seeing the freaks along with the geeks. And who says you have to reply to every stinkin comment?! You don't. It's like graffiti. You can just read it and walk away. But for heaven's sake, turn the comment section back on so people like me can tell you that your kid looked really cute in that picture you posted yesterday, or you really should have tried the chocolate pudding at Ruth's Diner when you were in town last, or whatever other ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY thing I must, without a doubt share with you and the rest of the world!!

And now everyone but me is snug in bed. Garrett awakened briefly, cried for a minute, and then went back to sleep. Gavin is comfortable...happily dreaming of pink elephants. I am off to join him.


dan shaw said...

I am so glad to read this kind of report. It says to me that life is good and you are focused on the things that are important. Keep up the good work, hope
gavin feels better. Love you guys.

Julie Miller said...

What a fun blog! I'm glad you stumbled upon mine. Sounds like you are as busy as ever! Your kids are so grown up and just darling!

heather telford photography said...

I was planning on coming to your yard sale, your junk im sure is still SO cute.. Darn it!! Maybe next time..