Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hope For Us All

sounds corny...
But it also sounds wonderful.

And that is what I have been filled with for the last two days.
It almost seems unreal.

Woke up the day after and had to ask myself if I had been dreaming, or did we really just elect the right guy?...

Don't get me wrong, the other guy was nice too
(graceful concession speech that brought me to tears),
But in my view, and obviously a few others as well,
we did elect the right guy.

I can hardly give words to the feelings I have.





Again...I know- cheesy. But oh, it feels good to have hope for this country again.

If feels good to see the millions of people around the world CHEER for US!

Not for our demise,

but for OUR success.

It feels good to see the crowd at his acceptance speech dotted with faces of all colors.

Yes, I do believe we got it right this time.

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Sarah-sponda said...

No kidding, hip hip hooray!