Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was fun for Dalton this year because he got to be on his own with his friends! Very big deal. He had two streets that he could go down, with his friends Nathan and Jacob. They came back with pillowcases FULL of candy. I am SURE that they were very well behaved...always said thank you, didn't run and let all the little kids get their candy first (yeah right!) Thanks to his friend Brayden Packer, he was a "real" football player!
I took Shelby trick-or-treating, with our neighbors, Hannah's parents. I LOVE our neighborhood at Halloween. The houses are old, and close, so the kids get to hit a ton of homes in a small amount of time. There are tons of kids out and about, with houses decorated to the nines. At the end of the block they serve chili, donuts and hot chocolate at the end of the night. So the parents get a treat too! Garrett got to wear the duck suit that his big brother wore almost 8 years ago! It didn't last too long.
Our creeepy decorations. Definitely the funnest holiday to decorate for!
This little neighbor girl was so darling, that I had to get a picture!
After a big night out, Dalton came home to tally up the candy.

A lot of loot!

Now lets get that costume off!

Shelby is in heaven!

LOTS of candy!

A trail of happiness.
For every 20 pieces of candy the kids gave to me, they got a quarter. I figure that it is cheap in comparison to the fillings and headache medicine I would be paying for if they ate all their candy. They still had about 15 pieces left, which lasted all of about two days. Good 'ol Halloween!

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