Monday, August 25, 2008

Shaw Family Reunion

This summer was the Shaw Family reunion. I don't know why I am just now posting these pictures, but better late than never.

The reunion was at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah.

We had a great time, getting to know Dan's (my step-dad) side of the family a little better. Dalton loved his "other cousins"

Everyone is kind, and easy to get along with. They are a wonderful family!

We had a talent show, complete with Byron and Heather's boy, Max, doing some great break dancing!

Dan gave away prizes, to the best golfers. Turns out that everyone got smoked by Ryan and Emily's boy- Marshall!

During the Shaw trivia game show!!

Here is Dan, with Amber's kids

And my mom, with Garrett. I think that he was only two or three months old. We love the Shaw's, and are so grateful to be a part of their family!! Thanks guys, for always making us feel like part of the gang!

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