Friday, April 03, 2020

New Normal

Yesterday I got to do a Zoom meeting with some of my friends from my book group. It was so nice to see their faces and hear their voices! 👏 I miss them. When the session timed out at 40 minutes, I felt this sadness- back to isolation. 😪

I did get to go on a walk with my friend Stacey, down to Liberty Park and back, yesterday. I know we stayed a couple feet apart, but I doubt it was six feet. Man it's tough to adhere to that rule. 😷 But holy cow did it feel good to breathe in the crisp air, and hear the birds and see the blue sky. The cold wind on my ears as we walked was even wonderful. 🙏

Oh touch. How I miss you. I haven't been in a relationship for over a year and I realize that I compensate for it by pawing my friends and family. Sorry all. So to not have either now is killing me softly...but I will survive. Kids are with their Dad until Sunday. I guess I can snuggle with the cats. Meh. 😹

Stacey and I joked about how a great commune would be nice right about now. Where you know and trust all 50 people and you have a big garden. Would that solve this? We talked about how it would be tough to be battling an addiction during this pandemic. I thought the liquor stores were closed, but I guess in Utah they aren't. Funny that in Vegas they are. If I were still using cannabis I'd be scared of running out, for sure. A couple friends of mine joked that they are hoarding alcohol. I think my drug of choice for the past couple weeks has been food; buying it and consuming it. 🙈🙊🙉

I wish I were an artist. This would be a good time to be painting. And for no reason other than I found these random pictures again on this computer, I am publishing them. I think they are from 2011. Because I blinked and they doubled in dare they.

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