Sunday, April 29, 2012


I seriously hate Sunday nights.

I hate it for a plethora of reasons.  One being, I want to want to have sex.  But the kids went to bed late because one little doll face took a late nap that he didn't wake from till 6:00 PM and so I let him stay up and watch the rest of Masterpiece Theatre's Song Bird with me (depressing but beautiful).

And so we didn't watch a show together...maybe a movie that was kind of steamy.  We didn't rub feet.  I didn't brush my oh my breath, it's even grossing me out.  I didn't get a drink to relax me.  I didn't wipe the Alice Cooper mascara off the 1.5 inches under my eyes.

So now he is back in bed reading his Kindle...probably some troll book.  And I am out here checking on facebook while my crotch gets a nice heating pad treatment from my laptop (it's a good thing I am done having kids because I think this thing has fried the remainder of my eggs) and we are like two ships passing in the night.

I want to want to have sex.  I do, I do, I do.  Does that sound sincere?  I know that if I brush my teeth, that will be enough of a sign that things will get going.  How sad that I brush my teeth so rarely at night that when I do it elicits the pavlovian response from my husband that tonight he is going to hit it.

Okay...pick butt up from the couch...commence to turn off all three lights in the front room.  Try to remember when the last time was that I shaved my arm pits...passable or gross?  Now I am realizing that someone who is related to me, and who is old and/or thinks of sex as being some Victorian religious/spiritual experience could read this and get offended...but oh well because this is (MY) life.

I am thinking about whether I can muster the energy to go big-bang-theory tonight, or if we are going to have ourselves a bit of a dry spell and wait another long has it been now?  I am sure that Gavin has it written many days since our last sexual encounter.  Probably down to the minute.  Oh yes, it was after Art just on Friday...not so what am I fretting about?  I could just lay down on the bed and drop dead tonight...

We'll see...maybe we'll give it a go to start the week off right.  Aren't I a romantic?  The important thing is that I can not skip the ProActive tonight.  A girl has to have her priorities.

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