Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dalton's 11th birthday

Dalton woke up to this:  A peace sign necklace from Grandpa Eddington, a card from Mom and Dad saying that he could get a new air soft gun, a letter and money from Grandma Hoopes, a letter from Garrett and some silly puddy, as well as a card from Shelby and $11 that she had earned to go towards air soft pellets.
He read and opened them all.  Shelby, Garrett and Lulu watched.

Dad made breakfast, and since it was a school day, he got ready for school.
I told him that he could invite a couple of friends (as many as would fit in our car) down to my parents place for the weekend and they could do an air soft battle.
They had fun.  Pizza from Fat Jacks (Grandma Paula bought enough pizza to feed three armies), soda, chips, and chocolate cake from Magelby's with vanilla ice cream.

My two book ends.
Once they had eaten dinner, they got on their gear and headed outside to pelt each other with tiny biodegradable bullets in the freezing!
Shelby brought down one of her best friends, Gabby.  They pretended to be baby pumas, or lions, or some other type of wild cat.  Hence, the reason that Gabby looks like she is screaming.  I was pretending to be a goat or some type of lame animal that her and Shelby had been chasing around, trying to eat.

The cake lasted for after dinner, a midnight snack, and was finished up after a lunch of left over pizza.  Yes, it was a super healthy weekend.  I did make them eat snap peas, and kiwis too.
Shelby with her brother's new gun.  
And the gifts!...everyone chipped in some dough so that Dalton could buy a new shoot-em-up video game that he was dying over.  His Grandma Paula bought him a new acoustic guitar that he immediately serenaded everyone with.

Time for bed...
...but not for the boys.  They went out for another battle...
Grandpa Dan was awesome and took the boys down to the indoor arena so that they could do a battle in there.  He set up targets and things to hide between.  He gave them the best battle EVER!
Shelby and Gabby set up little lands of tiny animals all over the place, like this bronze statue with a forest of animals on it's head.
Luke B getting ready to pound someone outside.

On Saturday morning we all went down to the arena to see the rodeo that was going on.  Grandpa Dan was roping in it, and he ended up taking 4th place! 
Grandma Paula got them hot dogs and cheered the riders on.

This is the cute couple that helps out at the rodeo.  She gets all the steers gathered together, his parents MC the rodeo, and Alex does all the "horse stuff" (no idea really what that entails) but they are a darling cowboy family.
Papa Dan on Muzzle, his trusted horse.
Grandma with two of her favorite grandkids.

It was a good time.  No one seriously maimed, the boys stayed up till 1:00 AM playing video games, Dan made pancakes for breakfast, and everyone was happy.

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