Saturday, October 01, 2011

A hair cut, a hike and a game from childhood

This is the first hair cut that Garrett really sat through by himself.  Up until this one he had either been on my lap, where I ended up covered in millions of tiny little hairs, or I was bribing him with multiple lollipops and practically doing cartwheels to get him to stay still.  

I don't even think I had to bribe on this one.  Maybe I said the words "big boy" and "Dalton".  Lately those carry a lot of weight with this little guy.  People ask him how old he is and Garrett will either reply "seven" or "ten" (both the ages of his siblings).  The meanest thing that you can say to him is that he is a baby.
I didn't get a picture of the final hair cut, but he looked very big.  Of course I saved another chunk of his hair for either a remembrance album, or a hand-knitted sweater.  I guess it depends on how loony I am when I am older.  
These are some pictures from a hike that we went on about two weeks ago.  It was up Millcreek canyon.  We are going on another hike tomorrow.  I hear the leaves are amazing.  It will be fun to see all the colors.  

Dalton forgot a sweatshirt, and it got chilly up high in the mountains.  So we fashioned an old blanket in the back of the car, bound for the homeless shelter, in to a shawl for him.  

Proof that I do exist.  Garrett liked Dalton's head lamp, and was happy to light the way down the trail for us.
This is one of my favorite pictures.  This is a constant scene in my life.  
And totally unrelated are these photos that I thought were so funny.  I remember when my friends and I made these fortune tellers.  What fun to guess what good (or bad) fortune was about to be yours!  

Here Shelby is finding out that one of her pets will die.  I think her friend had a morbid streak in all of her fortune teller options.  Shelby learned how to make them, and every fortune that she handed out involved either marrying a boy, or your pet having ten babies.  
Garrett walked around pretty thrilled for days that soon he would be marrying a boy and getting ten baby cats.  I think that he was a bit bummed when neither came true.  

What is going on in my life right this instant is that I am writing (still putting off) a paper.  I am TIRED from coaching a double header soccer game today.  I am slimy.  I have a messy house.  I am anxious yet fatigued.  I have a slight desire to run away with my family for six months to a country where there are no overly commercialized holidays associated with unrealistically high expectations...and no cold/snow/sleet/inversion/etc...

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