Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I survived

I survived.  I made it.  Busy day, but it's over.  I coached soccer and didn't strangle the girl who didn't really know the meaning of the words "sit down," "don't touch other people's bodies," and "no throwing the ball at other people."  Seriously, why is the word "no" such an evil thing to people?  The whole way home Shelby is telling me "I can't believe that her parents put up with that.  They're like, Please don't, when they should be like NO WAY."  Thank you Shelby for your perception of what lax parenting produces.  And now Murphy's law will jump in and dictate that because I was strictish with my kids, and thought I was doing it pretty right, one or more of them will grow up to be ax murderers and blame it on my parenting.

Why am I so tired that I can not read one more textbook page, but I can surf the Hollywood gossip stories on page six for a half hour?

Architect coming over tomorrow to take final measurements.  The house next door to us that is practically falling apart, and has been a rental for 50 years, is finally going to be sold...hopefully.  The little old lady (95 years old) died, and so they booted the renters out and are planning to sell it.  I am mowing their grass and watering their lawn, hoping that some darling gay man with a partner, no kids, no pets, a full-time job, and a love of restoring old homes will buy the place.

Helped teach the kindergartners how to recycle today in the school's lunch room.  Why is it that this year they feel like they are two years old?  Tiny little people.

Shelby tells me that wild soccer girl is being a bully on the playground, and I am just about to skip class to go be a fly on the wall tomorrow and check it out.  I doubt that the recess aids will give the complaint much thought if Shelby tells on her.  I just hate the thought of girls or boys getting picked on.  The girl isn't picking on Shelby, but it's just as bad if she is doing it to other kids.

Busy day tomorrow too.  If I can make it to Friday, I will be good.  On Thursday I am supposed to help serve lunch at Dalton's school for their Discovery Lunch series.  It's a cute idea where they bring in food from ethnic restaurants in the community to expose the kids to different types of food while supporting local businesses.  Unfortunately I have this little issue by the name of I'd pretty much be worthless.  I am trying to secure Mazza to come bring food for October..or was it November?  I need to work on that.

Allison Krauss was pretty good this past weekend.  Here's what disappointed me: we waited too long for her to come on.  She told stupid jokes about a goat several times.  She didn't play for that long.  What she did play was a lot of slow stuff, which means that the vibe was super chill.  There were a lot of old people there.  Not that I have anything against old people...just those who try to act like they are not old. Again, Murphy's law now states that I will wear pleather pants with my frosted hair and swoon over David Archuletta when I am 70 years old.

It wasn't bad.  It just wasn't great.  Luckily there were several design shows that we had Tivo'd so when we came home we watched those together, sans kids, and then...well, you know.  And again the next morning...cause the kids are at my Mom's so yes, right in the middle of the front room, on a week day, with the blinds open, and the lights on, with no previous teeth brushing...let's do this.

Test driving mom-ish cars was the least fun part of the weekend.  I guess it could have been worse...we could have had our kids with us, complete with Scooby Doo playing in the background.  Oh, the joys of shopping for a car...gag.  Yes, please try to up-sell me on the wood trimmed interior, that my three year old is going to carve with one of his LEGO guns on day one.  Or tell me why I need two moon roofs that are really sun roofs when I don't even want my kids tempted to climb through the first one when we are on 1-15.  Please...go talk with your manager...I'll wait right here.  I have all the time in the world.

The one plus- Kneaders...who makes the best turkey sandwich on the planet earth.  Why can't they have this in downtown?  Why must it be a sprawl-only establishment?  I tried to talk the manager in to opening a store near our house.  But then Gavin shot him vibes that basically were like, can you stop trying to seduce my wife with your oven roasted turkey breast, and it was all over...the idiot.

OK, I need to go to bed.  What I really need is a deep tissue back massage...or a bed that doesn't make me feel like I am sinking to the floor in it.  I feel like sleeping on the driveway right now, my back is so achy.  It doesn't help that I am in a car or a school desk chair for hours a day.  I think that the Ichabod Crane posture is sexy... I am bringing it back.

On a side note, Shelby is a great little soccer player.  Her team is going to be darling.  Garrett is getting to be a chatter box.  He is loving his "pre-school" at the U.  Dalton feels like a little teenager...think he's getting his first pimples.  Can that be normal?   He is almost 11.  Maybe it's that I didn't hit puberty till I was 23, that I am thinking this is way too soon.  Or maybe it's that there is something seriously wrong when the mom and son can share zit cream.  :P

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