Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Falling in love again

You know, just like every relationship has it's ups and downs, my love affair with my neighborhood has had a few rough patches of late.

It started when Emigration Market went out of business, thereby forcing us to get in our car if we were short an egg and our neighbors were not home.

Then we had some loony tunes who were trying to shove this zoning ordinance down our throats, that would have basically made it illegal for you to have put a front porch on your house, updated your windows, or added on to your home where you could see any changes from the street.  Our homes are cute...Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia they are not.

But the zoning ordinance went away, with some blood, sweat, and tears, and then there was news that Harmon's had bought Emigration Market.  Let's just say, the neighborhood was counting down the days.  And the days dragged, because the old building was not up to code (ironic since the old owner was a City Council member), and the roof was not safe so it had to be ripped off and replaced...and thus it dragged on longer and longer.

On this corner, great new things were happening.  The old service station was torn down and my new favorite Italian cafe was put in it's place.  With a day spa and clothing boutique next to it, and patios to sit on, our family was eating or shopping there once a week at least.  The Piedmonte pizza is is Mama's meatballs, the focaccia bread, and the eggplant gnocchi.  You're welcome...seriously- those items are out of this world.

Of course Eggs In The City is a staple for breakfast, if you are smart and call your name ahead, telling them you're a local, so you can just walk over when you're table is ready.  The big tattoo'd waitress is our favorite.  Although, don't expect the Lion House.  They are not so much in to warm fuzzies, but more about the cool vibe and getting a ton of people through the doors as fast as possible.

Jolley's across the street from that, looks like a building from the 80's, cause it is.  And while everyone crosses their fingers that the owner will wake up and pull the disgusting forest green metal awnings off the building sometime soon, so that it looks like it belongs in this decade, we are soothed by the array of treasures inside.  While I am filling a prescription, the kids can browse the penny candies, or check out the different toy sections.  Their clothing buyer constantly has new cool treasures in for women.  And a toddler play space for the kids to play in while I'm trying on clothes.  There are fresh flowers, and seasonal things.  Underneath it is the local Dance Studio where Shelby starts hip hop lessons next week.  It's kind of like Wonka Land for everyone.  Maybe it's OK that the exterior is so ugly, because it keeps it our local secret.

And now the final corner of this area is complete...because TODAY Harmon's Emigration Market opened!!!!!...and can I just tell you, I am BACK IN LOVE OFFICIALLY with this neighborhood.  There is nothing that I can't walk to.  The park, the kid's school, the pharmacy, the grocery store, and the list goes on and on.
There are like five isles of produce!  I don't know how they did it, but they have crammed so much stuff in to this store, that it is amazing.  No longer is it a little rinky dink store with only a few of the items that you need.  No, now it is everything.  Tonight we had great chicken parm from their prepared deli section.  We had homemade brownies...I may get away with never having to cook dinner again.

I got one of these cool carts that fold up like an umbrella stroller.  And when you unfold them they can hold 70 pounds, or over 10 grocery bags, so I can shop there without ever needing my car.  So, on with my house renovation project...I am smitten.  Now all we need is a place for the kids to pee when we're at the park (currently very controversial) and we'll be SET.

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