Monday, August 29, 2011

back to school

In my statistics class...right now.  Right now I am watching Bowling For Columbine because my teacher is not here.  Before he left for another "meeting" that he couldn't reschedule, he turned on this movie for his 50 students.  Told us to ignore the language because he used to show this movie at BYU.

And I just got my bill for my TWO classes at the U.  $2,000.  Plus another $1,000 so that Garrett can be in the U's childcare while I am in class.  Plus another $500 for books.  And I am watching this movie?  Give me a break.  I mean, it's a good movie.  But A) WTF does it have to do with statistics and B) teach me something about what I am going to be tested on PLEASE.  This is bugging me.

This is the third day of class and each day has been progressively stupider.  This professor showed us an FBI warning, that his class was copyrighted so that we shouldn't copy his info and post it on Utube.  Don't worry dude- I think that Bowling For Columbine is already on Utube.

OK, he's back with a drink in hand.  Thanks professor.  My other professor is cool.  Her classes have been a little scattered.  One class she forgot her laptop.  Another she couldn't get the overhead to work.  Is it just because I am old now that I have expectations for school?  I am moving mountains to get here, so it better be worth it.

End of the month I am applying for the Social Work program.  I better get in.  Until I do, I am not complaining about this teacher.  Just sitting back and smiling...and blogging.

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karen said...

annoying. like you don't have 3872better things to be doing besides watching a movie in the middle of the day while you're paying a bloody mint for child care.

proud of you--I'm sure some of your classes will be enlightening in the near future...