Thursday, April 07, 2011

My good friends

I have been so lucky to find such good friends in life.  Besides my family, they are the most valuable part of my life.  So, a group of us got together to turn our local elementary school's Art Night in to a fundraiser so that we could add some new materials and programs to the school, as well as pay for the Virginia Tanner dance program that the kids had enjoyed.  Our time together planning this event was busy, and stressful, and wonderful, and fun.  Here we are wrapping some of the raffle baskets.  Jen, Ella, Allison S. and Kerry darling.

They turned out so cool.  The kids loved them and they raised thousands of dollars for our arts program.
Here are some of the wonder women.  Allison, Ashley and Jessica.  All women who could save the world...and lucky me- friends of mine.
Speaking of Wonder Women...Allison made these great bracelets that she donated to the event, and all of us committee members loved them so much that we bought them.  They were our wonder women cuffs...still love mine.
The event turned out great.  It felt like every Uintah family was there to support it.  A fantastic silent auction put on by Jen Bowne, Jessica Hoffman, and Kathy Davies, that had over two hundred items from local businesses to bid on.  Every item sold and brought in thousands and thousands of dollars.
It took our breaths away.  It was bigger and better than I could have imagined.  We had seen other schools do this, and perfect it after years.  But to have ours turn out so great the first year and be so well received, it was just amazing.
Here we are giving out the raffle baskets to the winners.  The stinkin sound system was a pain that evening, but we rolled with it.  
Here are some of my loves-  Jess, Lynn, and Emily.
And the group!  We stayed late in to the night, after everyone had left, to help clean up and more importantly...COUNT THE MONEY.  We had hoped for ten thousand.  We raised TWENTY!  We did it!!...that felt good.
Darling Kate, one of my besties, who ran the kid art activities that night.
Kathy, me, Jen, Emily and Lynn at another school's Art Night, stealing their ideas. ;)
About 45 days away now from this year's Art Night.  I am tired.  It's a lot of work.  But I still get to work with most of these amazing women.  Sadly, Kathy moved away.  But being with them makes it worth it. Once our kids are grown, we'll channel this energy in to saving the world.  Until then, our Art Nights are gonna ROCK.  XO

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cheryl said...

How neat that you were able to raise so much money. I really admire everything you do. I hope to be as involved and active in my kids' schooling when they get older.