Monday, April 25, 2011

Gavin just went to Boston today.  Garrett is in bed with me right now.  Day one of back-to-school-after-spring break was good for the kids.  Although after a small thunderstorm/hail storm/micro-burst Shelby declared, "How could this day get any worse?"

She wore a new easter outfit to school.  Dalton wore his new lacrosse shirt.  They had to start preparing for testing, which is a serious crime in my book, but come on- three can you have a bad day when you've got three recesses?

Homework time and reading time is never as fun with only one parent.  I always have double admiration for single parents on the weeks that Gavin is traveling.  And lucky me, I managed to stay healthy all through out spring break, so I could nurse all the sick kids and husband back to health, just in time for me to start to come down with it the day he left.

And Garrett has some form of paranoia, maybe brought on by his ear infection antibiotic..where he thinks that a giant bee stung him on the knee.  And now I am starting to believe it too.  Are bees even alive yet?

An appointment at the U tomorrow to talk with my counselor, who will probably to advise me just to give it up...that I am too old and too confused to do anything with.  Anyone who can hardly figure out how to log on to the school's site to check their grades has no business being at school now adays.

Garrett...sickness induced psychosis maybe?  Or maybe that's me.  Still trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed staying up late to read "Franklin and Eleanor".  Loved that book.

Maybe I can beat this bug.  I mean, who did I think I was...Jesus?  When your sick kids are kissing you on the lips, and coughing on your face, and sharing your silverware...what do you think, you're just going to will the bugs to stay off you?  Yes.  That is what I thought.  I thought that I was tougher than that damn bug.  That I could use some of that mind-over-matter balogne and just repel the dang microscopic things.  Now I know.

So, Garrett is claiming that his owie hurts.  It's going to be a long night.  I have a head ache.  Hopefully it will not be here in the much to do.


cheryl said...

Sorry you are sick! There is nothing worse than having sick kids with a husband traveling. And I don't even have homework to worry about yet.

Lindsey said...

Get well! I wish you were healthy and could have joined Gavin in Boston!!!