Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Eve

Crud...tomorrow is April Fool's and of course I have to deliver. So, I will start the day out by taping a dollar bill to the squares of toilet paper so as it unrolls some lucky kid will see it, and hopefully notice it before they wipe.

I will freeze their cereal in milk tonight and then unpop the cereal cube in to a new bowl and pour some more milk over it in the morning.

Crazy glue their bacon or ham to their plate.

I want to spray paint their hair tonight while they sleep, and hope that they don't notice till they're at school. If I don't remind Dalton to brush his teeth or hair, there is no way he will go in to the bathroom before he leaves for school.

There will be newspaper wadded in the toes of everyone's shoes.

I would replace the cream filling of an Oreo with toothpaste, but mine has extra fluoride so I think it would kill them.

Usually that would just be the start, but I don't think I can do more than that this year. We'll see how it goes.


Delia said...

You are such a fun mom. I am horrible at celebrating this holiday.

cheryl said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to read how it all went. We put maleluca toothpaste in an Oreo one April fools and gave it Tanya Lasley. She didn't even like oreos but we insisted she ate. When I saw her this past visit she told me she still tastes that awful toothpaste whenever she sees an oreo.