Thursday, December 10, 2009

things that bug

  • vinyl fencing
  • door-to-door salesmen that want to spray something on my brass kick plate, or tell me they're one magazine subscription away from earning a trip to a camp for kids
  • humongous phone books that I didn't ask for
  • finals that occur two weeks before Christmas
  • Dan Brown's latest book
  • adult acne


Sara said...

:) Yup....all those things bug!
have a good one, and good luck with finals!

Jared and Delia said...

How did your final go last night? You don't like vinyl fencing? I guess it doesn't look as charming as brick or wood but it is easy to maintain? Those other things bug me too. With the cold weather I have gotten acne too...weird! You would think with our hot sweaty swamp cooler I would get that in the summer but skin gets better! I should live in FLA or something. Maybe your acne will clear up with finals being over?