Saturday, December 12, 2009

One more final

Only coughing a couple times a day now. Took my first final on Monday night. Sucked. Or rather, I should say, I sucked. I fail to see how asking me what the beginning of the preamble of the Constitution is, gives you any idea what kind of a social worker I will be. I mean, some tired mom comes in and needs help, and I'm like, "Oh, I've got it! The answer to your problems-We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Yes, now doesn't that solve everything."

And I know I should know this flippin thing...cause guess what- we were asked to cite it word for word on our midterm. And there, I did it. I memorized the thing, and got full credit. But don't ask me how, over the last couple of months, the thing just kind of leaked out of my brain. Cause, I don't know, it's something I've NEVER used since. I've remembered to pick up my daughter from school, and serve dinner, and turn off the Christmas lights at night, and cover the baby before I go to bed, and check my emails, and read the paper...but for some reason the flippin preamble has just not made it in to play in my day.

So, when I see the Final study guide, and I see that ol preamble question, I think "no way". No way is she going to ask us that dumb question again. Ask me about Martin Luther King Jr. Ask me about Johnson's War on Poverty. Clinton's Welfare Reform. Nixon's Family Planning Act. Ask me about Medicaid or Medicare, or anything that has RELEVANCE to being a Social Worker. But I know you are not going to waste your time and mine, and ask me that dumb preamble question again. And then you do.

So I took the test. I am hoping I got an A. I really want an A in that class. And I go home to find that Shelby is complaining of an ear ache. My sweet, SWEET brother was watching all three of my kids for me, because Gavin was out of town on business. So I ask him if he can stay just a teensy bit more, like oh, the hour plus it takes down at Instacare. And lucky for me, he says no problem even though it is 8:30 PM and the baby is cranky, and he has already been there for five hours.

So, I take Sis in, and surprise surprise- double ear infections. I reward her for her pain by letting her pick out bubble gum at Walgreen's at 10 PM. It is so cold out, I can see my breath. Gavin returns home from Boston the next day. Shelby returns back to Pre-school after two weeks of absence. And I return to the couch, to veg until tonight- where I am postponing the inevitable cramming once again for my second and final FINAL. Ba humbug.


AJenkins said...

I feel badly that while you were here we didn't get to talk more about what you are doing!!! Social work! Awesome! Your BA or MSW? Hello furture fellow social worker! You will be amazing!
Finals aren't fun and it is never easy to concentrate. Can't imagine how you are juggling it all right now. I am trying to study for a personal training test and finding the time is killing me.

karen said...

good luck Ashley!!

i keep telling people how impressed i am when moms go back to school. you can do it.