Thursday, October 08, 2009

Watched Oprah yesterday.
She had a handful of guests, including Stephanie Nielsen.
All of the guests stories were touching and inspiring.
What I took away from Stephanie's story was this:

  • I need to live in the moment with my children.
  • No more computer during the day.
  • No more TV during the day and
  • No more phone during the day.

If I want these things that badly I can wake up early or stay up late for them. They are just distractions that take me away from these three precious kids. And by living in the moment, it means learning to have fun playing dogs with Shelby, being more light-hearted, eating breakfast and lunch with them, and making memories from the little things we do every day.

I am not naturally like Stephanie. This will take work. But hopefully, like every habit, once I get started it will just become easier and easier until it's second nature.

Thank you Oprah.
Thank you Stephanie.
See what I am talking about.


Jared and Delia said...

This is my daily struggle. Thanks for the reminder to play.

karen said...

hope your kiddos are feeling better and you haven't yet bought a one-way ticket to Thailand quite yet...tempting, I know.

our neighborhood and schools here are swarming with the swine flu (like everywhere else) and now Ellison has flu-like symptoms so, YAY US! this too shall pass?!?

glad your mom is there--maybe she could come over to AZ after your kids are well and help me out over here. :)
hugs to the sickos...