Sunday, August 02, 2009

We have a garage that is about the size of a Tuff Shed.

I don't know why it was built so small, considering that back when this house was built, cars were the size of boats...but whatever.

So, we use it as the Tuff Shed that it looks like. Problem is WE HAVE SO MUCH CRAP. I am not kidding. It's like Gremlins...remember that disturbing movie?...where if you spilled water on those gross little creatures they multiplied like crazy?

Yeah, that is our garage.

We had this Enormous yard sale this summer, where we got rid of a TON of stuff...we are always taking piles to the Goodwill, but somehow there is always more crap bursting off the shelves.

And remember how I said that I can't do anything until I can go all the way? It's all or nothing with me?...yeah, so our garage has been in a constant state of catastrophe oh, ever since we bought this house four years ago.

But tonight I am here to say that I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel (or the sunlight through the knothole in the old wood siding of the garage)...WHATEVER...

our garage is almost done getting organized!

I out...the earth may stop rotating...this is THAT monumental. It's been a big fat pain in the pituti because I watched some organizing guru on Oprah, and ever since, I have had this vision of what our garage should be.

It can't just have has to have "zones". We need a sports zone, for the one million balls, bikes, scooters, and rackets that the kids play with. We need a "zone" for Gavin's tools (and shit), we need a "zone" for yard stuff, camping gear, children's clothes, and ski stuff. There are about ten other zones, but I am about to zone out myself, so I can not remember them.

Long story short...Gavin finally bought himself a work bench, so after having screwed pegboard to every surface of the garage that is visible, and after having moved around a bunch of shelving, we are just about to seal the deal.

I may sleep out there...It's going to be one sweet Tuff Shed!

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