Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Fine Day

On this day Dalton had a friend over to play...and they were bored. I know, I can completely understand...cause it's not like he has ANY toys, or video games, or a trampoline, or a playground, or a basketball hoop, or a BMX bike, or a ripstick, skateboard, or rollerblades. I mean if he had even HALF of THAT stuff he would have absolutely NO reason for being bored, right. So, with my genius mothering abilities (I know, what can I say?'s a gift) I sent them on a scavenger hunt. Armed with my camera and their bikes, they set off with a list of things to capture. Amongst them: a grey rock, a yellow flower, and a picture of a cat. They also had to find a dog and do the hokey poky, and run up and down somebody's driveway. They were off. And thank goodness the two dozen cats on our street were all inside napping, because that one assignment took a good thirty minutes.
Here is the yellow flower they found.

And this is the dog.

Their reward was that they got to have a movie night later that evening. So the friend went home and Dalton had lunch. Would you like some sandwich with that ketchup?'s the drug of choice around here. Dalton's dad had given him a car building kit, and he was ready to go. No waiting around for dad with this builder.

And there it is...well, getting there.

While Dalton finished putting the wheels on the car, Shelby and Garrett got a few helicopter rides from Gavin.

And when the day is over, what's better than falling asleep with your best friends?

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