Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Cups Of Tea

Oy. If you have not read this should. You should because we are involved in this area of the world, whether you like it or not. You should because you will realize just how ignorant you have been your whole life of any culture that is not your own. You should so that you can see how the life of one who is truly selfless looks. You should so that you can thank your lucky stars, or God, or whomever, that you were delivered in a hospital, and educated in a school with a roof, past the fifth grade. I am in awe right now of the dedication that this man, Greg Mortensen, possessed, and continues to posses. I am in awe of my ability to look the other way, in matters of these types in the past...knowing that they exist, but preferring to keep them off my radar so that I am not accountable for doing anything about them. Now I wonder...what I do? I should mail a check. It makes me feel good to think about doing that. What i should feel is sick until I do do it, so that nice thought won't pacify me in to inaction. I should read more about this region. I should educate my children.
Our ignorance may be bliss for us, but it's torture on others.


Nicole Hansen said...

My world-traveling, video producer friend picked that one up on one of his airport stop-overs and was touched by it as well. I'm looking for my next read so I just may take you both up on this one.

Thank you again for having us over. It was lovely to see you and your darling family and great to visit with your mom again after so long.
Love, Auntie Nicki

sher said...

we read this for book club a few months back, so glad someone is making a difference
thanks for your honestly in blogging, i love reading the honest truth on your blog! it is SO applicable to my life. I hear you on the three kids is to be enjoyed too right? anyways, so much more to say, thanks for keeping it real- wish I blogged with less pictures and more honest truth!!!

dan shaw said...

I have read it and it is a great book. He contiues to push for more schools and does fund raising around the country. Great read and a great movitator.