Friday, June 05, 2009

Update on Pill-Popping

Haven't been to the doctor yet. To be honest...I don't even have one. Since our move to Utah I have seen a Nurse Practitioner or two. For insurance there has to be someone listed as my doctor...but I have never seen him. I need to find someone good. So, there is that mountain ahead of me. After I posted, a couple friends emailed me and told me that it may be hormonal. By-gosh, they could totally be on to something! Obviously having a baby jacks up your hormones (see my last year of posts if you need examples to verify this) as does weaning, etc... So I have recently finished that escapade, and you'd think my hormones would be back to normal. But no, they are still whacked...and I think it might have something to do with my IUD. Oprah's sex Dr., I think her name is Dr. Berman...she's the one that all the moms hate because she says that you should encourage your teenage daughters to masturbate...anyways... she says that all birth control that have a hormonal component to them, trick your body in to thinking that it is already pregnant.!!!! Oh my, that is NOT good. So my body thinks that it is always pregnant- no wonder I still feel like junk! So, that could be one huge area that needs addressing. My solution: "snip, snip" for Gav! I think he is actually OK with this. We need to do a lot of research on it. My OBGYN said that it is super easy ("Of course she's gonna say that!" Gavin says), It's a same-day procedure, and the recovery is a piece of cake. It is also covered by most insurance (they'd rather pay for that than a troop of kids). I don't get be honest. I never thought I'd say this...but I want my period back. I mean, PMS I could do without, but I want my hormones in balance and the libido that comes with them. Yes, no tampons would be ideal...but not more ideal than a healthy sex drive. I really hope that his mother does not read this entry...anyway- that's one part of the solution.

The next area that I have been thinking about is sleep. For a few days I went to bed at 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. It was SO hard. No Tivo'd shows, no answering emails, no Ben and Jerry's with Gavin on the couch. But I did it. And I'd wake up around 6:30 a.m. feeling great. It only lasted a few days, but I can definitely see a correlation between lack of sleep and lack of energy.

Like I said before- a great diet and exercise would be the icing on the honey-sweetened, whole grain, flax seed added, made with olive oil, cake. I-KNOW-ALL-OF-THIS...I just need to DO IT.

I reconnected with an old enemy from High School lately. Really, I hated him. He was mean. But you know he is nice, and friendly, and full of life, and inspiring, and connected to the Earth and his spirit, and he just completely shocked me at how balanced and chill he was. I accidentally "friended him" on Facebook. After I'd sent the confirmation I let out a big Homer Simpson "DOOOWW!" I went to his profile page, and saw his pictures from his website. After I clicked over to that, I was shocked. No ego, no pretense...just thoughts from a life being lived fully. I told him that I thought he was a jerk in High School. He said he WAS...and apologized. How pitiful am I that I am still holding this pre-pubescent grudge...but it did feel so good to get the apology...I must admit. I was a dweeb then too (search old posts to confirm that one) and so I thanked him for being true to his passion and sharing it with everyone. Check him out here:

I think I can...I THINK I CAN...I KNOW I CAN.

And drugs yet...except some natural Vitamin D that is finally gracing us all here in the mountainous regions...gosh I have needed that sun. I am going to try these other alternatives first-snipping Gavin, getting sleep, eating better, and following my past-enemy's lead in running.

We'll see.

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