Monday, June 08, 2009

this week

Dalton's front tooth is chipped..again. It's a "big" tooth, so we have to go down to Provo- to our dentist, to have it fixed. His last day of the 2nd grade is tomorrow. The weather has been so cool, that it feels like it's April, not June. I have mixed feelings about this summer...ready for laziness- but not bored kids. Hoping to find a good balance. Shelby officially took over ownership of Dalton's gecko. He had no interest in the thing anymore..where she can't get enough of him. She took him to show-n-tell today, and was the hit of her class. She told them all about how he used to have a tail, but he will never grow it back. And how he camouflages himself. And how he eats crickets and baby food. I made the kid's favorite homemade soup for dinner tonight, and almost didn't make it to the end of the meal with out Gavin there. He left for Boston today, and it's the after-dinner time that is unbearable without him. I have to put away the dishes after I cook. I have to bathe the kids, and still have on a "happy face" instead of my exhausted face. I have to single-handedly deal with Garrett who is melting down as it nears closer to his bed-time. I let the kids stew like prunes in the bath, not wanting to move on to the next stage of bedtime routines. There's laundry to fold, a house to place up. I have a block party this Sunday to plan. I need to get my sitter here tomorrow. I need to get to bed right now. Screw the dishes...they can wait.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing... Im a lurker and I really enjoy your blog. My 12 year old just got lots of dental work done ... thanks to a skateboard and a concrete step!. I hope your summer is loverly. Kind Regards