Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lovely In Laws

I survived. In-laws leave tomorrow morning and I survived. Not that I wouldn't because they are mean and nasty...quite the contrary. Rather, the survival question is one of logistics. Logistics meaning that we live in a little home, and they were staying with us (in Dalton's room) where you can hear people talking through the vents, and none of the bathrooms have locks, and there aren't a lot of places in my home that you can go to escape (which normally is a good thing) but when you have 24 hour company sometimes everyone just needs a moment to themselves. Although I must say that Gavin's dad did manage a few moments to himself during the I guess it can be done. So even with rain, we survived. There were walks through the neighborhood, with Garrett in the stroller. The grandparents walked the kids to the snow cone shack to get shaved ice. We cooked out.. a lot. Gavin bought his dad a book from our local bookstore, The King's English, for Father's Day and then they got take out from our local middle eastern restaurant, Mazza. We spent the early evenings out on the front porch, rocking away. The kids played outside..even when it was sprinkling. We visited with neighbors. I introduced my Mother-In-Law to Oprah (can you BELIEVE she had never seen an episode??)..hell-o! I, luckily, had about 20 episodes Tivo'd, so I lovingly showed her what she had been missing..and yes, she is now a convert. We went to This Is The Place Park, and snuck in to the village part. I don't think we were supposed to. But it was so nice to have the park all to ourselves. They have these original pioneer buildings set up so that you are walking through an authentic old town. Placards tell a history about each building. It was so interesting to read about the 14 children that were raised in a one room cabin, or the sprawling home that housed one of the Prophets, and his many wives. The kids fed the cows and llamas, and horses. We had to jump the fence to leave the property..oh, the adventure. Afterwards, we went on a drive up Emigration Canyon which worked out, since you can not be that close to Ruth's Diner, and not have their world famous chocolate pudding. So, while we were up there, we grabbed some to go. Then another BBQ, and smores in the backyard for the kids, and adults savoring the best pudding that has ever been made. Grandma played a lot of games of Memory with Shelby. Grandma read a lot of Harry Potter book number 2 with Dalton. Grandma also washed a lot of dishes while she was here..which was SO nice. Grandpa worked on a lot of projects with Gavin. Our faucet now works. Shelby's light is now fixed. Her wall is now ready for art to be hung on. Our garage is now outfitted with storage. Our outside electrical is now efficient. I don't think that Gavin's tools have had this much use in their lives. The kids LOVED having the grandparents here. Every night when we went around the table to say what we were grateful for, the immediate answer from them was Grandma and Grandpa. We celebrated Father's Day with them here. Cards were given. A special big breakfast was enjoyed. Lots of music played in the background while Shelby danced around the coffee table and Garrett bopped up and down in his high chair. It was a good weekend. And we all survived. And as my mom likes to say, "people remember the end it on a good note." I am happy to report that it did end on a good note, with many good notes preceding. We will see them in a month at the beach. Tomorrow it's cold cereal, and cartoons.

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That was sweet. I love Martha.