Sunday, June 21, 2009

lost that lovin' feeling

You know that feeling...when you are right in the middle of something, and then you get interrupted. And when you get back to that something, it's just not the same? That is what has happened to me with my blog. I have a day...not a grand, glorious day, but a day that I would like to share my thoughts on. So I begin to write. And then the baby wakes, or the in-laws arrive, or my fingers start to ache from typing...and so I say "I will give it a break, and return to finish it up in a bit". And then I return..and it's gone. The moment has past. The feelings I had, the passion that I wanted to's evaporated. And what I have left are some half-written posts that aren't spell-checked, have no ending, and end up with no voice. It's maddening..anti-climatic you might say ;0

I may get around to finishing them. But you know it just won't be the same. You'll probably guess that at the end I wasn't giving it my all- just phoning it finish it up. But sometimes, isn't it worth it? They can't all be show-stoppers.

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karen said...

which is why my blogging is so sporadic--it has to happen at midnight. always SLEEP vs BLOG. guess you can see who's been winning the past few months.