Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last weekend

We went to my parent's house last weekend. It was finally sunny enough to enjoy the outdoors for an entire weekend. We had great barbecue, thanks to Dan. The kids got reacquainted with all of their "other" toys that stay permanently housed at "the ranch" (as we call Grandma's house). Their other stash seems to mysteriously grow every time we come down to visit. We played Star Wars Monopoly, and Dalton proudly creamed his Mom and Dad. The next day he played with Kristen and David and gave them a proper run for their money too.

The kids played outside in the sun, enjoying Grandma's monster-sized otter pops.

Mom and Dan live just minutes from Payson canyon, so on Sunday Dan loaded up the kayaks and we drove up to Payson Lakes. We all went kayaking.

Shelby quickly used her "dog-radar" to spot the cutest dog she'd ever seen and would not leave the family or the puppy alone.

The other highlights of Payson Lakes included a "butterfly" (moth) landing on Shelby's toe, seeing not one, but TWO groups of darling ducklings with their mothers swimming across the lake right next to our kayaks, seeing two dead fish and getting to touch them with our oars, Shelby getting to touch a dead fish that someone had just caught and the mother of all dreams-come-true- a baby frog that a fellow darling had just caught!

This gave me some serious anxiety (that I hid to be kind). This little girl named Gracie, who Shelby became quick friends with, had caught this little water frog in the nearby mud hold. She carried it with her, for the rest of the day, in her tightly scrunched fist. Everywhere she ran, the little suffocated frog came too. Eventually she put it in a water bottle, with some water, and continued to bring the water bottle with her, swinging it in to the air as she ran. I kindly mentioned that she could set the frog free, but the idea of one of her five slimy brothers getting their hands on "her" frog, was all the reason in the world for her to cling tightly to her baby frog. I was glad we left before they did. That poor thing probably didn't survive the day. Shelby followed Grace around, and was lucky enough to hold that little guy a couple times. Dalton said that he "loved kayaking"..words that his Grandpa Eddington would be very happy to hear. Mom, Dan and Dalton found some good camp sights for our upcoming camping trip, and then we headed back down to the ranch. Gav, the baby and I left that night back to Salt Lake. Dalton and Shelby got to have two more days of FUN at the ranch and are on their way home right now. We have missed them! Garrett hasn't had nearly enough attention.


The Jones' said...

Looks like you guys have been busy! We miss you guys too and can not wait to see you. Sorry I keep missing your phone calls, we would love for shelby to come, but if it is easier to leave her home then you should go for the easy way out. It will be so good to see you guys. Hope all is well

dan shaw said...

We had a great time thanks for coming down!! Payson lakes was fun.

karen said...

Gavin and Ashley,
It is Mom/Martha at Karen's.
We loved visiting you and have many fun, happy memories of your dear family, your lovely home and the beautiful, cool surroundings.
Give the kids a hug!
We are sorry we missed Gavin on his birthday. Hope it was wonderful!